12 Reasons Why Looking At Cats Online Is Better Than Owning One

I love looking at adorable cat photos as much as the next guy, but I am not rushing out to get one.

I think everyone agrees that browsing the web for adorable cat photos is a fun way to waste time at school or work.

This online enjoyment might even inspire you to consider getting a cat of your own…

…and this list exists to make you think twice.

1. Owning a cat means owning a litter box.

Do you want this putrid germ-zone to engulf your senses every single day?

2. Cats shed. A alot.

All of your things will be covered in cat hair. It is inevitable.

3. Meaning you will always have cat hair on your clothes. Always.

Do you want that? NO!

4. They can be REALLY scary.

The cat you are foolishly considering is most likely evil. Most are.

5. Your friends/family might be allergic.

No more visits! (Wait…could that be a good thing?)

6. They will throw-up/poop on your stuff.

That cat did not throw up in its mouth. It threw up on your new Ron Paul t-shirt. Not cool cat, not cool.

7. They drink out of your glass when you’re not looking.

Have you ever felt a cat tongue? You don’t want that in your water.

8. Cats are active at night.

Meaning they will meow ALL NIGHT LONG. “The human is sleeping. I should be as loud as possible so they wake up” - Every cat after midnight.

9. If you manage to sleep through the night, they will be ready for you at the crack of dawn.

I know this GIF seems cute, but it is not cute when the sleeping person is you.

10. Cats are attention whores.

Oh you have a paper due? Big report coming up for work? That is not important, pay attention to me.

11. Except for when you want to give them attention.

You want to pay attention to me? No way, Jose. I’m outta here!

12. And most importantly, owning a cat might annoy your dog.

And you wouldn’t want that, would you?

Stick to the web, wannabe cat owners.

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