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14 College Essentials That Won't Be In Mom's Care Package

So when she forgets to send a Lava® lamp, Spencer's will be there to pick up the slack.

1. This 💀 desk light that you'll absolutely lava.

2. This necklace to share with whoever took the fall that time your RA wanted answers.

3. This tee shirt because two classes per day is way too many.

4. This backpack that'll make your classmates say "this is Halloween!"

5. This lava lamp that proves orange and black are the new orange and black.

6. This storage jar to keep your uhh...stuff safe.

7. This color-changing conversation starter to keep your dorm room lit AF.

8. This fleece blanket you don't even need to coax with Razz Berries.

9. This LED 'woofer with speakers that put on a water show.

10. This blacklight poster that's, like, we don't even know, man.

11. This pillow to show your support for the LGBT community.

12. These VR glasses because the test's not 'til tomorrow; you've got plenty of time.

13. This mug so your professors know exactly how you feel about them.

14. And this beacon of light because everybody needs a little glitter.

Looking for something to light up your room? Shop at Spencer's for Lava® lamps, clothing, party gear, and more.