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    19 Reallllly Obvious "They Ran Out Of Ideas" TV Plots That Never Should Have Happened

    From Game of Thrones to Law & Order: SVU, these moments were sooooo out of character.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which out-of-character TV moments realllllly annoyed them. Here are the infuriating results.

    🚨 Spoilers ahead, people! 🚨

    1. On The Office, when Andy totally abandoned Erin so he could go sailing on his family's boat, and then he returned as the biggest jerk ever.

    Erin saying goodbye to Andy as he sails away

    2. On That '70s Show, when Jackie started dating Fez even though she showed absolutely zero interest in him throughout the entire series.

    Fez and Jackie about to kiss in the basement

    3. On Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, when Rafael Barba — who was always soooo by the book — decided to turn off a child's life support, and he was charged with second-degree murder.

    Barba speaking on the stand in court

    4. On Grey's Anatomy, when Alex spent 16 years on his redemption arc, fell in love, and became a respected doctor...but then he spontaneously left his wife and the hospital to get back with Izzie.

    Dr. Bailey reading the note Alex left her

    5. On Modern Family, when Haley undid allllll of her character growth by deciding to get back with Dylan, her high school boyfriend, in the final seasons of the show.

    Haley and Dylan outside the Dunphey house

    6. On Scandal, when Olivia Pope randomly changed her entire personality and became a power-hungry villain in Season 6.

    Olivia sitting on the steps of the Washington Monument

    7. On Parks and Rec, when Leslie and Ron literally stopped talking to each other for years just because Leslie forgot to cancel their lunch plans.

    Leslie and Ron making plans at City Hall

    8. On Dexter, when Deb stopped caring about morals and started covering up for Dexter after she found out he was a serial killer.

    Deb and Dexter talking outside her apartment

    9. On Gilmore Girls, when Rory dropped out of Yale because one person told her she wasn't going to make it as a journalist.

    Rory and Jess talking outside

    10. On Shameless, when Fiona recklessly left her cocaine in the kitchen and Liam got ahold of it.

    Fiona standing over Liam in the kitchen

    11. On Boy Meets World, when Topanga turned down a scholarship at Yale so she could go to a community college and be close with Cory.

    Cory and Topanga graduating from high school

    12. On Full House, when Kimmy tried drinking and driving, and even after she sobered up, she continued to act as if it wasn't a big deal.

    DJ scolding Kimmy and drunk driving

    13. On Friends, when Phoebe easily caved and ate meat, despite being a vegetarian for practically her whole life and even though it was her main personality trait.

    Phoebe eating Chandler's meat sandwich

    14. On Glee, when Blaine had second thoughts about his relationship with Kurt, so he cheated on him with a random guy from Facebook. On a totally separate occasion, he even dated Kurt's biggest bully, which felt so forced.

    Kurt in the school by the lockers

    15. Also on Glee, when Rachel quit her dream job on Broadway, something she worked really hard for her entire life and talked about nonstop for years, so she could go to LA.

    Rachel sitting on a couch

    16. On Stranger Things, when Eleven decided to track down Kali and then joined her on a vengeful mission to kill employees from the Hawkins Lab.

    Eleven looking emo as hell

    17. On The 100, when Clarke decided to shoot Bellamy, her best friend, during the final season.

    Clarke shooting Bellamy

    18. On Game of Thrones, when Daenerys burned down King’s Landing.

    Daenerys burning everything down

    19. And, of course, on the original Gossip Girl, when it was randomly revealed that Dan was actually Gossip Girl.

    Dan sitting at his laptop

    Did your most infuriating out-of-character TV moment not make the list? Tell us about it in the comments below!

    Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.