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19 Infuriating Movie Plot Holes You Probably Never Noticed Before

I'm looking at you, Avengers: Endgame.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which movie plot holes annoy them the most. Here are the infuriating results.


1. In Avengers: Endgame, Captain America traveled back in time to return the Infinity Stones, which would have changed the current timeline, yet he somehow managed to reappear in the present to give Falcon his shield.


Captain America reappearing in the same timeline he left goes against all of the time travel rules Bruce Banner originally laid out. Also, how the heck did Captain America return the Stones that were on different galaxies?!


2. In Gravity, Matt was floating away and ordered Ryan to let go of the tethered rope, but since there's no gravity in space all Ryan had to do was gently pull the rope toward her to bring Matt back.

Warner Bros. Pictures

3. In Spider-Man: Far From Home, EDITH was so advanced and even had facial recognition technology, but for some reason she couldn't identify Beck as an ex-Stark employee or that everything in the bar was an illusion.


4. In Toy Story, if Buzz was so convinced he was a real space ranger, why did he adhere to all of the standard toy rules, like "playing dead" when a person was in the room?



5. In The Shawshank Redemption, Andy escaped through a carved-out tunnel that was covered by a poster, but who covered the tunnel with that poster after Andy escaped?

Columbia Pictures

The poster was giant, so it would have been impossible for him to do it from inside the tunnel.


6. In Home Alone, Kevin's mom wasn't able to call him from Paris because the phone lines were down, yet Kevin was somehow able to call and order himself a pizza.

20h Century Fox

7. In Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, a huge chunk of the sequel was about Donna's very-much-alive mother (aka Cher), but in the original movie she claimed her mother was dead.

Universal Pictures

8. In A Quiet Place, instead of making shelter near the waterfall (i.e. the only place where the killer monsters couldn't hear them), they lived on a noisy farm.

Paramount Pictures

Surely it would have been worth it to build a shelter near the waterfall so they could live in peace and without constant fear of death.


9. In The Meg, the megalodons were trapped in an unexplored part of the ocean before the submarine allowed them to escape, yet Jonas somehow encountered a meg five years earlier on a different rescue mission.

Warner Bros. Pictures

10. In Monsters University, Mike and Sully didn't meet until their first year of college, but in Monster's, Inc. they claimed to be friends since elementary school.


11. In Ant-Man and the Wasp, no one noticed Hank's giant lab that would mysteriously appear and then disappear at random parts of the city, even though he was trying to be discreet while hiding from the FBI.


12. In Tangled, everything revolved around Rapunzel seeing the lights on her birthday, but Mother Gothel could have just lied about which day she was born.


13. In the Star Wars series, the lack of air and differences in gravitational pull should have effected everyone on each new planet, especially since they're different sizes and don't have the same atmospheric pressures.

Lucas Films

14. In The Dark Knight Rises, every single member of the Gotham police force was sent underground and got trapped, but then they magically emerged MONTHS later, all clean-shaven and well-dressed.

Warner Bros. Pictures

After months of being trapped underground, I'd probably look a bit disheveled and emaciated, not like I just left a luxurious spa.


15. In Men in Black, Earth was literally going to be blown up in an hour, but only two agents (one of whom was a newbie) were sent to save the world.

Columbia Pictures

Why not send everyone in the MIB organization? If there's only one hour left until Earth is destroyed, that's the only one that matters.

—David Estrada, Facebook

16. In Signs, the aliens came to earth (a planet that's made of literally 71% water), but their only weakness was... water.

Buena Vista Pictures

17. In Beauty and the Beast, the Beast was actually a prince, which meant he would have been highly educated, so why did Belle have to teach him how to read?


18. In Hocus Pocus, Max, Dani, and Allison could have just surrounded themselves and the book in a circle of salt to prevent the Sanderson Sisters from getting them.

Walt Disney Studios

—Megan Ann, Facebook

19. And in literally every single Christmas movie, none of the parents believe in Santa, yet every year there are several unexpected presents under the tree and no one questions it.