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    23 Of The Worst Main Characters From Movies

    Sorry, but this isn't up for debate.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their least favorite main movie characters of all time. Here are the polarizing results.

    1. Harry Potter from the Harry Potter series

    Warner Bros.

    Harry was pretty dumb and wouldn’t have lasted 10 seconds without Hermione. He mostly learned from trial and error and made a bunch of deadly mistakes, while Hermione spent the whole time methodically saving him and everyone else.


    2. Annie from Bridesmaids

    Apatow Productions

    All she does the ENTIRE movie is whine and complain about her extremely fixable problems instead of, I don’t know, FIXING THEM. She just bitches about them. Yeah, the movie has its funny parts and Melissa McCarthy’s character is incredible, but I cannot watch Bridesmaids because of how horrendous Kristen Wiig’s character is.


    3. Star-Lord from the Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers series


    He's annoying in Guardians of the Galaxy, but he's ESPECIALLY the worst in Infinity War. Screw him, tbh. They were SO close to getting the gauntlet off of Thanos' hand, and Star-Lord ruined it. He let his emotions get the better of him. It’s all his fault.


    4. Julianne Potter from My Best Friend's Wedding

    TriStar Pictures

    She’s so selfish! In my opinion, she just wants Michael because she can’t have him! Even if she really did love him, she should have just told him instead of trying to ruin his wedding (and why would that make him want her?!). I’m so glad they didn’t end up together!


    5. Christine "Lady Bird" McPherson from Lady Bird


    This is probably an unpopular opinion, but watching Lady Bird was almost unbearable for me because of the main character. Lady Bird herself was a character with NO likable qualities. I understand her character arc and so-called "growth," but her qualities didn't appeal to any kind of viewer. She was just a bitch, PERIOD.


    6. Pauline from Everything, Everything

    Warner Bros.

    She legit lied to her kid about her having a deadly disease for, like, 18 years. What the hell???


    7. Mark from Love Actually

    Universal Pictures

    I know he was supposed to be sweet, but I found him stalker-ish, and he totally handled his crush badly. He was a bad friend for going after his best friend’s wife and did not deserve the praise he received.


    8. Lilly Moscovitz from The Princess Diaries

    Walt Disney Pictures

    She was selfish, rude, and way too hard on her friend. She even told Mia she should be over her dad's death after just two months. She also made fun of Mia's new hair and constantly brought her down.


    9. Elsa from Frozen


    I understood that she was terrified of her powers, but come on, girl... She froze the kingdom into an eternal winter and when her little sister wanted to help, she was like, "Sorry, not my problem!" Then she nearly killed her sister and somehow was a hero because she decided that love was more important??? What the hell...


    10. Frodo Baggins from the Lord of the Rings series

    New Line Cinema

    He did little to nothing on his own, didn't contribute to his own journey in any way, shape, or form, and would literally be dead if it weren't his best friend. Nothing he did was even remotely helpful, and he tried to have this savior quality about it but it just ended up hurting the people who were trying to help him (i.e leaving the Fellowship and sparing Gollum’s life).


    11. Summer from 500 Days of Summer

    Fox Searchlight Pictures

    The fact that they talked for so long and caught up on that cute little sunset train scene, but she never mentioned that she was in a serious relationship... it pissed me off. She just did what she wanted. Part of being in a relationship means recognizing and responding to someone else’s needs and taking care of yourself. She still irks me.


    12. Briony Tallis from Atonement

    Focus Features

    She destroyed two lives because of her jealousy and then tried to make you think she did the right thing at the end of it all, but she didn't.


    13. P. T. Barnum from The Greatest Showman

    20th Century Fox

    He exploited people's disabilities and insecurities to make money, and then he left them all behind when he found Jenny Lind and realized she'd make him more money. His character was just a sad, poor boy who was jealous of other peoples' success, and he wanted it for himself. When he didn't get it, he used others to get it for him.


    14. Gabriella from the High School Musical series

    Disney Channel

    Sharpay was always labeled the bad guy, just because she liked Troy and wanted the main role in the plays, but all Gabriella did was cause drama. She was so annoying.


    15. Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games series

    Lionsgate Films

    The reluctant hero bit is exhausting and overdone. Gale and Peeta both deserved better.


    16. Ariel from The Little Mermaid


    She was naive, idealistic to the point of stupidity, and not at all good at taking advice. Yes, Triton shouldn't have destroyed her little alcove of human wonders, but giving up your entire life/everything you've ever known for a MAN? That you've never spoken to? Nope. It was LIKE at first sight, not love.


    17. Beca Mitchell from Pitch Perfect

    Universal Pictures

    I absolutely HATED Anna Kendrick's character in the first Pitch Perfect movie. She was such a whiny, stuck-up person who acted like she was too good for everyone.


    18. Noah from The Notebook

    New Line Cinema

    He basically blackmailed Allie into going on a date with him. He also never got over their summer fling, and then he slept with her even though she was already taken! That doesn’t sound so romantic, does it?


    19. Troy from Fences

    Paramount Pictures

    Troy cheated on Rose and got another woman pregnant. Then, when Rose confronted him and asked if he was going to stop seeing her, he literally said to her face that he was still going to. And then he had the audacity to try to make himself the victim. He can choke.


    20. Edward from Twilight

    Summit Entertainment

    He was a stalker who was emotionally abusive and was such an arrogant prick. He led Bella into a toxic relationship and was super controlling.


    21. Tony Stark from the Iron Man and Avengers series


    He's horribly egotistical and has no real moral compass. He just does whatever feels good at the moment, so one minute he's completely against any rules that apply to him, and the next he's trying to force authoritarianism on everyone else.


    22. Sandy from Grease

    Paramount Pictures

    She was the worst because she literally changed herself for a man. And not just for a man, but for an asshole.


    23. And Nate from The Devil Wears Prada

    Fox 2000 Pictures

    Instead of being supportive, he made Andy feel guilty. She got an incredible job right out of college, and he spent all of his time making her feel awful about it. He also thought his birthday was more important than her career. Boy, bye.


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