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Updated on Feb 5, 2019. Posted on Dec 19, 2017

17 Cooking Fails From 2017 That Are Honestly Sooooooo Bad

They tried...

Throughout 2017, we asked the BuzzFeed Community to send us their absolute worst cooking fails. Here are the best (or worst) fails of the year.

1. These interesting unicorns:,

"My son had a unicorn-themed birthday party. Victory was ours!"


2. These wannabe Oreo churros: / Ellie Cheesman

"My friend and I attempted to make Oreo churros. They ended up looking like cat poop rolled in sand."

—Ellie Cheesman, Facebook

3. This gloomy Santa:

4. This simple vanilla cake: /

"I tried to make this cake from a recipe I had never done before. It was the worst thing I ever made. The frosting was also too thick, so I couldn't spread it on the crumbled cake. I cried after I frosted it, but now when I see the cake I can't help but laugh."


5. These possessed chicks: /

"Last year, I submitted my mom's messed-up deviled egg chicks for the worst cooking fails, and it was featured in the worst-of-2016 roundup. She attempted them again this year to no avail."


6. These chocolate chip messes: /

"We forgot to add the flour ingredients to our cookies. We had everything sifted and ready to go, but we forgot to combine the dry ingredients and the wet ingredients! Don't ask me how, considering both my friend and I bake quite frequently and we were following a recipe that we had successfully made before."


7. This ~slightly~ overcooked pasta: /

"Almost burned down the apartment."


8. These melting snowmen: /

"My snowmen Oreo truffles were such a fail."


9. These disappearing cupcakes:,

"My cupcakes somehow disintegrated in the oven."


10. These slimy doughnuts:,

"My baked doughnut fail."


11. These brown/rainbow cupcakes:

"I was trying to make tri-coloured frosted cupcakes. The frosting wouldn't come out of the tip and I had to mix the colours by hand with a spoon. The cupcakes ended up looking like they were topped with Play-Doh. I tried to make it better with sprinkles, but that only made it made it worse."


12. These Harry Potter cupcake fails:,

"One time I tried to make Harry Potter cupcakes. It didn't go well..."


13. This boxed red velvet cake:

14. These puffy squirrels: /

"This is from the time my mom insisted I make squirrels out of expired cut-and-bake Pillsbury dough."


15. These scary mummy brownies:,

"They were supposed to be brownies that looked like mummies, but I don't even know what I ended up with."


16. This attempt at some Christmas cookies: / Julie Ann

"That's my Pinterest fail."

—Julie Ann, Facebook

17. And this unfortunate store-bought pizza: / Rachel Veronesi and Nick Beatty

"A lovely pizza made by my boyfriend."

—Rachel Veronesi and Nick Beatty, Facebook

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