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Which TV Show Actually Had A Perfect Ending?

I see you, Mad Men.

Nothing is worse than devoting years of your life to a TV show, only to have it end in an anticlimactic or infuriating way.

Game of Thrones finale

But some TV shows end things PERFECTLY, and they sort of make you sit down in awe.

Braverman family playing baseball

Maybe you watched all six seasons of How to Get Away with Murder, and your jaw dropped at how seamlessly the finale called back the pilot episode.

Same shot in pilot and final episode of show

Perhaps you didn't think you could love Fleabag more...until you watched the finale, and everything fell into place for you.

The Priest turning down Fleabag

Or maybe you loved the open-endedness of the Mad Men finale, and you even did some extra research to see if your interpretation matched everyone else's.

Don Draper on mountainside thinking of Coke ad

Some shows just get it right, so use the comments below to tell us which TV shows absolutely nailed their endings. Make sure you also tell us ~why~ they were so perfect!

Mary Richards turning off lights in the newsroom one final time

The best responses will be included in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video!