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Which Sad Movie Moments Did You Definitely Not See Coming?

There are so many to choose from.

There are some movies that are basically designed make you an emotion wreck.

Meryl not being able to choose between her kids in "Sophie's Choice"
Universal Pictures

*cough* Sophie's Choice *cough*

But other times a movie scene comes out of NOWHERE that completely ruins you.

Universal Pictures

Oh, a Christmas rom-com! This'll be a good, funny time. No, wait. Now I'm sobbing uncontrollably and second-guessing every decision I've ever made in life. Thanks a lot, Love Actually.

Maybe you started watching The Sixth Sense because you wanted to be scared out of your mind, but ~that~ car scene made you close your laptop in a blubbery mess.

The car scene in "The Sixth Sense"
Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

Perhaps you walked into the theater for Click and thought that Adam Sandler was going to entertain you with some lighthearted, mindless comedy for the next 90 minutes, but you walked out with tears strolling down your face.

Adam Sandler in the rain in "Click"
Happy Gilmore Productions

That ending scene with his family in the rain? Yeah, that rain was actually my tears.

And don't even get me started on all the children's movies that should win a fake Oscar for "Best Film to Cause an Existential Crisis."

Miguel playing his grandfather's song for Coco
Disney / Pixar

I guess this one was my own fault. Coco was made by Pixar, so I should've known it was going to ruin me.

Let's get emotional! Use the comments below to tell us which movie scene unexpectedly made you a sobbing mess (and make sure you tell us why it was so sad!!!!).

Lance crying at his mom's funeral in "The Best Man Holiday"
Universal Pictures

I see you, The Best Man Holiday.

The best responses will be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video!