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What's Your Worst Poop Horror Story?

We all have one!

Spoiler alert: everyone has experienced at least one hilariously traumatic pooping mishap in their life.

And if for some weird reason you haven't had your own personal incident, you defffffinitely know of someone who did.

Maybe you were giving an important presentation in front of a 200-person lecture room, and then the hurbly gurblies hit you, causing liquid diarrhea to pour from your butt in front of everyone.

Perhaps you know someone who ate a gas station burrito right before a job interview, and halfway through they literally shit their pants in front of their potential new boss.

Or maybe you and your partner were ~doing the deed~, and as your asshole was being licked you took a chance on a fart... which ended up NOT being a fart.

Hey, shit happens! So tell us your best, funniest, and most traumatic poop horror stories via the DropBox below! The best responses will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post or video!