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What's The Best-Acted Scene In TV History?

Everyone has one.

If you're anything like me, then you probably watch a lottttt of TV.

And that means you undoubtedly have a favorite piece of acting from a particular episode and scene.

For me, one of my all-time favorites is Justin Hartley's (as Kevin) emotional breakdown on the football field in This Is Us.

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I truly cannot believe he wasn't nominated for an Emmy for this scene. His performance was raw, heartbreaking, and even nostalgic, all at the same time. Incredible.

And you can't deny how freaking good Chandra Wilson (as Dr. Bailey) was in Grey's Anatomy when she realized that the elevators weren't working and Charles was going to die.

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One of the best TV scenes (and episodes) ever, tbh.

Or maybe you think the absolute best acting came from a comedic performance, like when Julia Louis-Dreyfus (as Selina Meyer) absolutely obliterated this congresswoman in Veep.

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There's a reason she's won so many Emmys!

Whatever it is, we want to know! Use the comments below to tell us what you think is the best-acted scene/performance in TV history. Don't forget to tell us why it's so good, too!

The best responses will be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!