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What's The Most Out-Of-Character Thing Someone Has Done In A Movie?


If you're anything like me then you probably spend most of your free time watching movies.

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And that means you've seen some of your favorite movie characters do and say some incredibly ~out-of-place~ things, just for the sake of plot.

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For instance, it ALWAYS bothers me when I watch The Devil Wears Prada and Andy reveals that she's never heard of Runway or Miranda. A character like Andy would do her research before a job interview, so there's no way this would really happen!

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I know that fashion wasn't really part of her life in the beginning of the movie, but she was a go-getter and was 100% the type of person who would do a ton of preliminary research about Runway to prepare for her interview.

Perhaps you rewatched both Kingsman movies and this line from Princess Tilde made you do a double-take because it was SO random and out of character.

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I'm definitely not one to kink shame, but this line just felt super random and out of place! They even made her say it again in the sequel, where it also felt random (especially after we learned more about her character).

Or maybe you think a character made the completely WRONG decision because it went against everything they originally stood for, like when Jessica gave the kid she babysat nudes in Crazy, Stupid, Love.

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Jessica spent the whole movie lusting over the kid's father, gave HIM the nudes, got caught, and then decided at the end of the movie that it'd be best to reward the kid with nude pictures? Um, what?! She stated multiple times that she was too old for the kid (and obviously not interested in him because of that), so why would she change her mind in the last three minutes?

It's time to vent. Use the comments below to tell us about allllll the infuriating times your favorite movie characters did some really out-of-character things.

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And make sure you go into specifics and defend your thoughts!

The best responses will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post or video!