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What's The Best Callback Reference That A Movie Or TV Series Has Ever Made?

Remember when Grey's Anatomy waited 14 years to reference something from Season 2?

I love when TV shows and movies make clever callback references to earlier moments in their series. You know, the kind of moments that sometimes take YEARS to pull off.

Side-by-side of the pilot and finale when Mike talks about Tom Hanks's death, then he actually reports Tom Hanks's death

Maybe you agree that How to Get Away With Murder's finale was a perfect ending because it finished the same exact way it began, only the professor changed from Annalise Keating to Wes's son, Christopher.

Side-by-side of Annailse and Christopher introducing their classes on the first day of law school

Perhaps you're a true fan of Grey's Anatomy and noticed the tiny detail when Dr. Bailey helped Amelia give birth. That was actually a callback to 14 years earlier when Dr. Bailey herself was giving birth alone, and George stepped in to help.

George holding Bailey while she gives birth, then Bailey holding Amelia as she gives birth

And who can forget about the clever way the Toy Story series brought back "the claw" to save everyone from being incinerated in the fire at the end of the third movie? Genius.

Side-by-side of the Aliens with the claw in the first "Toy Story" + the Aliens with the claw in the third movie

Whatever it is, we want to know! Use the comments below to tell us your favorite TV or movie callback references. You know, the kind of callbacks that were so clever and sometimes even took years to pull off.

Side-by-sides of Harry, Ron, and Hermione fighting all of the monsters in each movie

The best submissions will be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!