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What's The Craziest Fast Food Item In Your State?

Soooo much food!

Did you know that fast food items are different all over the world?

Here's the Sweety con Nutella from McDonald's in Italy. Get in my belly.

That's right. There are specific menu items for certain locations.

New life goal: Try poutine from a McDonald's in Canada.

So that made me curious: What's the coolest, craziest, or just plain BEST fast food menu item in each state?


Maybe you go to In-N-Out every single time you visit California, and you *have* to order a Neapolitan milkshake with your 4x4 burger.

Perhaps you absolutely swear by the Shack Stack from New York's Shake Shack.

That's a cheeseburger AND a 'Shroom Burger, topped with the works.

Or maybe your specific state has a smaller, lesser-known fast food joint that has a truly iconic menu item.

This is from Dat Dog in New Orleans, Louisiana, and I want seven of them.

This is your time to shine, fellow Americans. Tell us via the DropBox below the craziest, coolest, or best fast food menu item your state has to offer!,

I'm especially looking at you, Hawaii and Alaska!

The best responses will be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video!

(Make sure you tell us the menu item, restaurant, and state you're from!)