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What's Something You Believed In A Movie That Turned Out To Be Fake?

FYI: Zac Efron was NOT the one singing in High School Musical.

Movies are great. Movies are love. Movies are life. But movies can also be deceiving liars sometimes.

For instance, it took me a good 10 years before I found out that Sister Mary Robert from Sister Act 2 was basically played by TWO different people.

Perhaps you watched The Princess Diaries as a kid and was convinced that Genovia was a real country.

Or maybe The Parent Trap deceived you, and you learned the sad truth that Lindsay Lohan does not actually have a twin.

We've all fallen for it, so use the DropBox below to tell us all the lies and tricks you believed from your favorite movies! The best responses will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post or video!