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What's The All-Time Best "Oprah's Favorite Things" Item?

Everyone has a favorite.

Even though the true meaning of the holidays isn't about presents, that doesn't mean we can't indulge a little.

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After all, this is the season of giving.

So, since Oprah's Favorite Things is such an iconic gift-giving staple (and has been since it premiered on her show in 1996), we want to know the best thing that's EVER been on her list.

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FYI: You can find the most affordable things on her 2018 list here.

Maybe you tried her newly-praised kitchen gadgets, like this sleek and compact corkscrew or a three-row lasagna pan, and loved them so much that you're going to gift them to allllll your friends.,

Get the Rabbit Axis Lever Corkscrew on Amazon for $39.99 (available in black, merlot, and navy).

Get the Chicago Metallic Lasagna Trio Pan on Amazon for $18.34.

Perhaps you swear by an absolute classic that always gets the job done, like CoverGirl's LashBlast Volume Mascara, which was featured on Oprah's Favorite Things list in 2008.

Get a .44-ounce tube on Amazon for $5.12 (available in multiple colors).

Maybe Lollia's bubble bath and hand cream combo package instantly turned you into the master of relaxation and self-care.,

Get the dream bubble bath and hand cream duo on Lollia's site for $75.

Or get them individually: the dream bubble bath for $50 and the dream Shea butter hand cream for $25.

Or maybe you absolutely swear by a ridiculously-tasty dessert that Oprah introduced you to, like sorbet that's so sweet it'll make you lick your finger or hot chocolate mix that'll warm you up on even the coldest day.,

Get a 14-ounce pint of Ciao Bella's sorbet, available in raspberry and mango, on Amazon for $5.99.

Get a 10-ounce container of MarieBelle hot chocolate mix on their site for $17 (available in several flavors).

The holidays are right around the corner, so help us out! Use the DropBox below to tell us the absolute best item (and why it's so great!) from any year of Oprah's Favorite Things.

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The best responses will be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!