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What's The Best Movie Scene No One Ever Talks About?

We all have one in mind.

Some movie scenes are so well-known and perfect that most people recognize them as masterpieces.

Viola Davis's character in "Doubt" trying to protect her son

But then there are the ~underrated~ scenes that not enough people talk about. You know, the kind of scenes that don't get enough credit and need to be recognized for their greatness.

The Emperor and the people of China bowing for Mulan

For me, the basement scene in Zodiac fits that criteria. It's an underrated scene from an only semi-popular movie, and it truly made me feel uneasy.

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Every time I watch this movie, this scene gives me chills and makes my heart race. It gives new meaning to the term "thriller," and it makes the viewer feel like they're in that basement with Jake Gyllenhaal, hoping to get out alive. I love it.

Perhaps you have taste and know that the pool scene in Booksmart is absolutely incredible. It's innocent! Beautiful! Authentic! Nostalgic! Exciting! Playful! Heartbreaking!

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This scene (as well as the single-shot argument after it, if I'm being honest) is so gut-wrenchingly perfect, and I need more people to know about its brilliance.

Or maybe you're thinking of a particular scene from a movie that most probably haven't watched, like the final montage in 20th Century Women.

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This entire film is so underrated, and this may be one of my favorite endings of any movie. I remember crying because I felt so much love and hope and heartbreak. It made me feel nostalgic for something I had never even experienced. What a rare quality for a movie scene.

Now it's your turn. In the comments below, tell us the best underrated movie scene that more people should know about (and why it's so great!!!!). The only requirement is that it's truly underrated!

Side-by-side of the bathroom scene from "Hidden Figures" and Spider-Man turning to dust in "Avengers"