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What's The Best Unscripted Movie Moment?

Some of the best moments weren't scripted!

If you're a huge movie fan like me, you've probably spent a good amount of time researching movie trivia and behind-the-scenes facts.

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And if you've done that, you've definitely come across some fascinating ~improvised~ movie moments.

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FYI: In Django Unchained, Leo DiCaprio accidentally cut his hand open during a scene, but he kept acting.

Like, maybe you found out that Gene Wilder improvised that whole somersault during his character's entrance in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.

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Wilder thought that doing the somersault would reveal a lot about his character, saying, "From that time on, no one will know if I’m lying or telling the truth.”

Perhaps you laugh extra hard knowing that this moment from Fast & Furious 6 was completely ad-libbed, and Ludacris' spit-take was genuine.

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Or maybe you know that Richard Gere improvised the scene in Pretty Woman when he snapped the necklace case on Julia Roberts' fingers.

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That's why her reaction was so natural!

It's time to share your movie knowledge. Use the DropBox below to tell us your favorite improvised and unscripted lines, moments, or movie scenes!

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The best responses will be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video!