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Show Us What McDonald's Looks Like In Your Country

Italy's Nutella Burger > America's McChicken

No matter what country you're from, we can all agree that McDonald's is delicious as hell.

But not all McDonald's are the same! Some countries sell different, cool, and downright insane items.

Maybe you were on vacation in Australia and got a taste of their frozen slushies, which you totally want in your hometown now.

Perhaps you live in Japan and your go-to snack is a Sankaku Choco Pie or a shrimp burger.

Or maybe you live in the Philippines and love to make your international friends jealous with your spaghetti and chicken meal.

It's time to make the world jealous. Whether it's a cool sandwich, a weird-ass drink, or an insane side, we want to see your country's best McDonald's item.

I see you, Nutella Burger from McDonald's Italy.

Upload your own picture of the meal via the DropBox below, and tell us which country it's from! The best submissions will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post and video!