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18 Ways To Eat Hummus All Day Long

Because, like, why would you need to eat anything else?

1. Yeah, that's right. Hummus in the morning.

2. Mornings are tough.

3. Because hummus by itself is too damn perfect.

4. Hummus and avocados? Humyes. Bravo.

5. Look how adorable this spiral wrap is.

6. And don't break tradition. Stick with a falafel.

7. Do things the Ron Swanson way.

8. Humus in soup formation? Why not?

9. Too lazy to heat up your soup? No worries.

10. Sushi and hummus? Yup.

11. Cover salmon's fishy taste with hummus. You can thank me later.

12. Why use hummus as a dip when you can coat a whole chicken in it?

13. You used to think mashed potatoes were perfect.

14. Who needs pasta sauce when you have hummus?

15. Seriously. I just told you to forget the sauce.

16. This is called blanket stew.

17. A trio of hummus-inspired desserts. Oh. My. God.

18. Yes, hummus-flavored ice cream is a real thing.

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