8 Warm-Up Exercises You Aren't Doing But Totally Should

    These are the moves everyone should be doing.

    Warming up before a workout is key for reducing injury. Personal trainer and nutritionist Albert Matheny says that warming up "helps make sure you don't load your joints, tendons, and ligaments too much, too soon." So we asked Matheny, founder of SoHo Strength Lab and Promix Nutrition, to come up with a list of warm-up exercises everyone should do before any type of workout. It's time to get your gym on.

    1. Walkout

    2. Foot-to-Hand

    3. Band Pull-Apart

    4. Bodyweight Squat

    5. Arm Circles

    6. Lat Stretch with Band

    7. Pigeon

    8. Knee Across Chest