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17 Oddly Satisfying Pictures Of Used Pore Strips


We asked the BuzzFeed Community to send us pictures of their used pore strips. Here are the oh-so-satisfying results.

Note: Not all pictures were submitted by Community users.

1. The mother of all pore strips.

2. Look at these puppies.

3. *pure joy*

4. Soooooo satisfying.

5. Are you still holding in there? Good. Let's keep going.

6. Oh my god.

7. Stay strong, friend.

8. Are you fazed yet?

9. aasdajldfjsdflsfd

10. Still here? Keep scrolling.

11. *gags*

12. Help.

13. You're almost done. Keep going.

14. OK, this one isn't too bad.

15. But this one, oh my god.

16. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

17. Bye.

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