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    Updated on Mar 19, 2019. Posted on Mar 17, 2019

    21 Unpopular Disney Movie Opinions That'll Enrage The Hell Out Of You

    These are fighting words, tbh.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their unpopular Disney opinions. Here are the wild results.

    1. "Dory is one of the worst Disney characters, and I can't believe she got her own spinoff. Aside from being voiced by Ellen, I see very few redeeming traits about her. She's just annoying and frustrating. Just keep swimming... right into a fisher's net, please."



    2. "I love Beauty and the Beast, but "Be Our Guest" drives me nuts and is one of the worst Disney songs. I always have to skip it whenever I watch the movie."


    3. "Mushu from Mulan is actually the worst. He's so selfish, literally gets a member of the Fa family BEHEADED, and accidentally lights a cannon that gets the whole group seen and attacked by the Huns. I can’t stand him."


    4. "The beginning of Up isn't as devastating as people make it out to be. Carl and Ellie clearly had a very long, happy life together."


    "They might not have gotten to do everything they wanted to do, and it's terrible that they couldn't have children, but they still had a very fulfilling marriage, and Ellie seemed to go relatively peacefully, so I don't totally get why everyone paints it as this horrible tragedy."


    5. "Tangled is totally underrated and is far better than Frozen."


    "It’s a classic story with some depth and darkness. The movie is also so raw (everything with Mother Gothel), and the art is so beautiful, especially the lantern scene. I think people either ignore the movie entirely or forget about it because it originates from a story that’s been told over and over again."


    6. "A Bug's Life is Pixar's best film and doesn't get nearly as much credit as it deserves."


    "It's a great movie about standing up to bullies and overcoming obstacles, even if those obstacles are yourself."


    7. "The Genie from Aladdin is absolutely exhausting. I never understood the appeal of him."

    8. "I hate that people idolize Elsa from Frozen. She's a terrible queen. Anna is the true heroine and literally saved Arendelle."


    keemal and lindsayb4

    9. "Bambi is so underrated, and it's annoying when people say they hate it because the mom dies, yet Mufasa dies in The Lion King and everyone loves that movie."



    10. "The Hunchback of Notre Dame has the best soundtrack out of any Disney movie. Nothing comes close to it."


    "'God Help the Outcasts' alone is a masterpiece."


    11. "Maleficent is the only good live-action remake. The rest are horrible."


    "They're just rehashing the same stories now, but worse! They're drawn out and boring. The only reason I like Maleficent is because it’s from a different point of view, and it’s not just the same damn story over and over again."


    12. "Aladdin is actually a pretty shit person. He constantly lies to the girl he likes and assumes that all he needs to do to 'win' her is to be rich."


    "He has no redeemable qualities after the first 15 minutes of the movie, and he even stabs Genie in the back to continue his little web of lies, yet you people STILL find a way to love him at the end. Nah."


    13. "Mulan is a great movie, but it doesn't make sense that she's considered a Disney princess. You can argue that the others married princes or were part of royal families, but that wasn't the case for Mulan."


    14. "Moana was a complete letdown. It was so boring and didn’t live up to its hype. Also, Hei Hei was so dumb – he just completely ruined the movie."


    —Emily Blalock, Facebook

    15. "Frollo is the only good Disney villain. He's super creepy, represents a realistic danger, actually killed someone, and has one of the best songs ever."


    —Lore De Greve, Facebook

    16. "Enchanted deserves way more recognition, and Giselle should actually be a Disney princess but no one considers her to be one."


    17. "'You've Got a Friend in Me' is actually garbage. I have a hard time watching the second Toy Story movie because that song is played so many times in it."


    —April Crunkleton, Facebook

    18. "Ariel is the stupidest Disney princess. I mean, she combs her hair with a fork because she doesn't know what a fork is, yet her own father rules the sea with a trident, which looks just like a fork. Dumb."



    19. "Pocahontas 2 and The Lion King II are much better than the originals."


    20. "WALL-E is such a boring movie. When I finished watching it, I looked online so I could read the bad reviews, but I was genuinely surprised to learn that people love it."

    21. And "The Lion King is terrible. The animation is sub-par and the music is meh. I never really understood why everyone loves it so much."


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