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    50 Forgotten Disney Moments That'll Make You Laugh Every Time

    "Whoo! Sign me up for the next war!"

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their favorite underrated Disney movie jokes. Here are the hilarious results.

    1. In Monsters, Inc., when the Abominable Snowman made yellow snow cones:

    2. In Toy Story, when Mr. Potato Head was unimpressed with one of Andy's birthday presents:

    3. In Mulan, when Grandmother Fa was thirsty as hell:

    4. In Beauty and the Beast, when Cogsworth had this brilliant play on words:

    5. In The Emperor's New Groove, when this guy was turned into a cow:

    6. In Brother Bear, when Edgar was very much alive:

    7. In Lilo & Stitch, when Yuki was the baddest bitch in Hawaii:

    8. In Sleeping Beauty, when Merryweather got absolutely demolished by Flora:

    9. In Hercules, when two kids were stuck under a rock and needed help:

    10. In The Incredibles, when Syndrome talked about his super villain outfit:

    11. In Monsters, Inc., when Mike had to put Randall in check:

    12. In Wreck-It Ralph, when Vanellope tricked evvvvvveryone:

    13. In Toy Story, when Woody got real with Buzz:

    14. In Cars, when the Rust-Eze brothers got a little too relaxed:

    15. In The Emperor's New Groove, when Yzma pulled a fast one on Kronk and Kuzco:

    16. In The Lion King, when Zazu gave Mufasa his morning report:

    17. In Hercules, when Hermes roasted the hell out of Narcissus:

    18. In Mulan, when Mushu accidentally found a Hun in the avalanche:

    19. In Hocus Pocus, when the bus driver had absolutely zero filter:

    20. In Tarzan, when Tantor was all of us:

    21. In Monsters, Inc., when this 20-eyed creature saw absolutely nothing:

    22. In The Lion King, when this whole interaction happened:

    23. In Coco, when things got a little too real in the afterlife:

    24. In Zootopia, when they made this Frozen reference:

    25. In The Princess and the Frog, when Ray was introduced to Tiana and Prince Naveen:

    26. In Mulan, when Mushu didn't hold back:

    27. In The Incredibles, when Edna was reunited with Mr. Incredible:

    28. In Monsters, Inc., when Smitty and Needleman were supremely underrated:

    29. In Tangled, when the Ruffians proved unsuccessful:

    30. In Beauty and the Beast, when Cogsworth was savage as hell:

    31. In Cars, when Lightning McQueen was so over Mater:

    32. In Mulan, when Chi Fu failed at getting everyone's attention:

    33. In Wreck-It Ralph, when King Candy got what he deserved:

    34. In Toy Story, when Buzz used his street smarts:

    35. In Beauty and the Beast, when Cogsworth was a master wordsmith:

    36. In The Emperor's New Groove, when Kuzco was the most savage character of all:

    37. In Inside Out, when Riley's emotions were worried about bears:

    38. In Aladdin, when Abu thought the tables had turned:

    39. In Mulan, when her ancestors sent a liz—I mean dragon to help her:

    40. In Hercules, when this joke went right over your head:

    41. In Cars, when Mia and Tia ~flashed~ their headlights at Lightning McQueen:

    42. In Mary Poppins, when Mr. Banks ripped Winifred a new one:

    43. In Mulan, when Chi Fu continuously got roasted:

    44. In Ratatouille, when Colette looked at Alfredo's "little" penis:

    45. In The Princess and the Frog, when Prince Naveen gave some pretty good life advice:

    46. In Inside Out, when Bing Bong tried to console Joy:

    47. In Aladdin, when Gennie and the magic carpet played chess:

    48. In The Princess Diaries, when Lily spoke her mind:

    49. In Monsters University, when Art revealed his shady past:

    50. And in Mulan, when Grandmother Fa was her true self:

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