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27 Tumblr Posts That Are True For Absolutely No Reason

Teacher: "What inspired you to write this essay?" Me: "The due date."

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1. When you're the third wheel.

2. When you're making something you've already cooked a thousand times.

3. When you're starving and waiting for someone to come home with food.

4. When someone's standing right behind you while you're on the computer.

5. When you're the only one who changes the toilet paper in the house.

6. When you're trying to help but accidentally make things even worse.

7. When you start rethinking every money decision you've ever made.

8. When you hear your nemesis' name.

9. When you only have one thing on your mind: food.

10. When you second-guess why you have a phone in the first place.

11. When you're more hungry than you are scared.

12. When you find out all your friends hung out without you.

13. When you start thinking about your high school reunion.

14. When you realize how compatible you and your best friend are.

16. When the ocean reveals your deepest wishes.

17. When you accidentally do something bad.

18. When you just want what's best for the world.

19. When you realize how impossible it is to navigate group texts.

20. When you realize how old you're getting.

21. When you're reminded that there are two types of people.

22. When your drawing causes more pain than pleasure.

23. When the truth about school came out.

25. When responsibility comes knocking, and you don't want to answer.

26. When someone says they don't like garlic bread.

27. And when you have to make your own food.

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