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67 Of The Tiniest, Most Tasteful Tattoos Ever

These are so cute.

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community to show us their tiny, adorable ink. Here are the must-have results.



"I lost my best friend of 10 years to suicide a couple of months ago, after she had struggled with depression for her entire life. Her favorite place in the world was in Montana, specifically the Crazy Mountains. After driving over 14 hours to her favorite Montana town to meet her grandma, who wasn’t able to attend her funeral, I chose to get this tattoo of her favorite range to represent how peaceful and free she felt in the mountains. I miss her so much, and I will always carry this reminder of her beautiful life with me."




"I got these rainbow dots on my forearms a month after the Orlando Pulse shooting. Being an Orlando-native and spending countless nights at Pulse, the tragedy absolutely broke my heart. This was just my small way of remembering those we lost that night."




"I went deaf in my right ear when I was a freshman in high school. I've made jokes about it ever since then, and it's one of the funniest, if not one of the worst, things to ever happen to me. I got my tattoo to immortalize my twisted sense of humor, but also so my family actually knows which ear I can hear out of."




"These tiny quotation marks mean so much to me. When I was really struggling with anxiety and depression after being sexually assaulted in college, I would write words like 'calm' and 'peace' and 'breathe' in this spot on my wrist to keep me grounded. Once I started seeing a counselor regularly, I found I wasn't writing on my wrist anymore, but I wanted a small reminder of my resilience. Now every time I look down at my wrist and see this tattoo, I'm reminded of how far I've come. It reminds me that my story isn't over yet."



"My godmother always loved the ocean, and every year she'd give me an ocean-themed gift with the quote 'because I love the ocean and I love you.' So when she passed away a few years ago, I got this tattoo because I love the ocean and her."




"i got this stick-and-poke tattoo when I was younger. It was my way of taking ownership of my body and embracing my identity as a feminist in a world where a lot of women can’t do that. Every time I look at it, it brings me this wave of motivation.”




"I got this tattoo in memory of my father, who passed away suddenly when I was 9 years old. I will always miss my dad, but I can look at my tattoo and remember that he is always with me. It is the word 'LOVE' in his handwriting. It serves as a constant reminder to never stop loving myself, because for a long time I didn't. It is a reminder that I am free to love who I want."



"I used to be super close to a guy, and we always joked about getting matching black heart tattoos, kind of like what's on a playing card. He decided that I wasn’t worth pursuing after I told him I wasn’t going to drop out of my dream college to stay with him, so I got a black diamond instead of a heart, to remind myself that I’m worth diamonds and will earn those with my degree."



"My beautiful, tiny tattoo of Mary Poppins. I’m not lucky enough to be able to see it all the time, but it becomes a nice surprise for friends when I put my hair up, and it’s visible for all to see! I’ve gotten so many compliments on this tattoo."



"I got 'ok' in white ink on my ring finger, to promise myself that I’d always be OK. I chose white specifically because it heals to look a lot like scar tissue, and I was recovering from some issues with self-harm."



"My mom always called me 'bunny,' and one year on my birthday card she drew this bunny. I immediately knew I wanted it as a tattoo. It's my favorite tattoo because of how dainty it is, but also how significant it is to me."



"I came up with a meaning for this symbol at the time I got it, but the real story is that I was 18 and wanted a small tattoo. I forget I have it a lot of the time because I rarely wear my hair up, but I kind of like that it's just for me."



"My mom has been one of my biggest supporters and role models in my life. She was the main reason I wanted to study abroad, and when I was in college I got the opportunity to study in the Netherlands. Before I went to Utrecht, my mom gave me a card to open on the plane. Inside of it were three pages filled with her advice and love for me. The artist is Max Brukman at Artcastle Tattoo in Zeist, NL."


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