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61 Impossibly Tiny And Tasteful Tattoos

Because small ink can still have big meaning.

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community to send us photos of their tiny or subtle tattoos. Here are the gorgeous responses.


Two tiny triangles above my ears to remind me to stay balanced. In life, there are always ups and downs hence why one is facing up and the other down. It’s all about balancing the good with the bad!



I got this li'l guy about a year ago when I lived in London, and it’s a reminder to ride the wave out of whatever is happening around me and to take deep breaths. It’ll all be OK eventually.



Based on a necklace I purchased while I was going through a really rough time. Elephants are my favorite because they represent strength, serenity, and wisdom. The raised trunk also represents luck. I bring a little luck with me everywhere I go now.



My husband and I got these triangles at a time when we were feeling closer than ever in our marriage. The two bottom angles represent the two of us and the top is God in our relationship.



My best friend gave me a list of things we did before she died, and one was to save a life, which had an unchecked box beside it. She saved my life, so I got it for her on the three-year anniversary of her death. I also got the semicolon tattoo the same day for mental health awareness.



It reads “I am my own piece,” a quote from a little known Shel Silverstein book. It’s a simple and highly metaphoric story that teaches us to live our lives for ourselves and to not be dependent on the validation of others to complete us.



I suffer from some pretty serious depression, and after coming out the other side of a particularly bad couple of weeks, I got this Bell Jar-inspired tattoo – a small arrow, to remind me to keep soaring forward, and one-third of the quote “i am, i am, i am."



After my dad passed away, his birthday (10/23) has followed me. I look at the clock nearly daily at 10:23 and see it randomly on everything, from billboards to bingo cards. Now the number will follow me forever, like he will follow me forever. Done by JonBoy in NYC.



It was meant to be half of a heart. My sister got the “3” part on the inside of her finger, but the meaning got hijacked by my college best friend. Every time she said, “I love you,” I’d hold up my tiny tat to tell her: “Ditto.”


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