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17 Times TV Shows Crossed The Line And Went Too Freaking Far

Ghost sex in Grey's Anatomy, Deb in the final season of Dexter, and THAT pig scene in Black thanks!!!!

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us a time TV shows crossed the line and took things just a littttttle too far. Here are the wild results.

Note: Some submissions include topics of sexual assault.

1. In Grey's Anatomy, when Izzie hallucinated her dead fiancé, Denny, and then had ghost sex with him.

Izzie and Denny making out, even though Denny is a literal ghost?????

"Izzie had a cancerous brain tumor, and as a result she hallucinated Denny, her dead fiancé. This resulted in her having sex with him/his ghost, and it went on for several episodes! Why?"


2. In Black Mirror, when the prime minister was blackmailed into having sex with a live pig on national television for the entire country to watch.

The prime minister walking closer to the pig in a TV studio

"There's a lot of disturbing shit in that show, but I still always tell people to skip Episode 1 because of this moment. It makes me sick just thinking about it."

curlyqkc and Caroline, mighty fine

3. In Riverdale, when Betty was a minor and performed a striptease in front of her mom, boyfriend's dad, and a bunch of strangers in a crowded bar while singing "Mad World."

Betty performing at the bar
The CW

"Almost everything in Riverdale crosses the line at this point, but the wildest moment was when Betty stripped in front of old men at the bar."


4. In 13 Reasons Why, when Justin Foley had the greatest character arc ever, but then they randomly gave him AIDS and killed him off.

Clay holding Justin's lifeless hand in the hospital

"He had the best character development on the entire show, and there was just no reason for his death. I’m still asking myself why the writers did this! They took things way too far."


5. In Shameless, when Veronica couldn't get pregnant, so she talked her mom into having sex with her and her boyfriend, which turned into a routine occurrence.

Veronica and Kevin in bed together

Suggested by deannah4d

Veronica wasn't able to get pregnant on her own, so she asked her mom to step in. They used a turkey baster at first, but when that didn't work, she asked Kevin (her then-boyfriend) and Carol (her mom) to physically have sex. They did, and it worked...but Carol enjoyed it so much that she hid her pregnancy from Veronica for several weeks because she wanted to keep sleeping with Kevin. Wild!!!!!

6. Also in Shameless, when the writers randomly made Fiona leave cocaine on the kitchen counter, and Liam — a legit baby — got ahold of it.

Fiona reacting to an unconscious Liam

"She worked so hard at her own expense to raise those kids, but doing cocaine was completely out of character. Then when she left it in the house where it was easily accessible to the kids...that was too reckless, and she would never have normally put the kids in danger like that, so the whole plot felt so forced. I stopped watching the show because of this moment."


7. In Skins, when Freddie was trapped by Effy's psychiatrist and beaten to death with a baseball bat.

Effy's psychiatrist attacking Freddie with a baseball bat

"Everything about that show was over the top, but this scene went a little too far, especially since it was supposedly a relatable show about teenage life. It was hard for me to even be sad about Freddie being murdered because it felt so unnecessary and ridiculous."


8. In Stranger Things, when Eleven randomly tracked down her "sister" and went on a vengeful mission to kill a bunch of people who worked at the Hawkins Lab.

Eleven with slicked-back hair and dark eye shadow

"I’m still perplexed by the whole 'Lost Sister' episode. All of Eleven’s character development was shattered, only for her to just come back to her original life like nothing ever happened. Like, what was the point? It went NOWHERE. Eleven would never have entertained the idea to just run away, meet up with some random strangers, go on a vengeful killing spree, and then just decide that her original way of life was better. They built the girl up as having HUGE trust issues, and then they had her do this??? It was the complete opposite of what we know about her. They took things too far just for the sake of being entertaining."


9. In Boy Meets World, when they randomly painted Shawn as a loner and made him join a cult for exactly one episode.

Cory hugs Shawn, who tells him to let him go; Cory goes on to explain what a hug is and how you do it when you care about somebody

"Boy Meets World always jumped around with the character of Shawn Hunter, sometimes painting him as a troubled kid, but other times reaffirming that he's the smartest, most creative, and most loved person in the group. They made him go through so much unnecessary trauma, but the time that felt especially out of place was when they randomly had him join a cult. It made absolutely no sense in the context of the rest of the series, and I wish it didn't happen. Like, they went to extreme lengths just to cross an invisible line that certainly didn't need to be crossed."

Spencer Althouse

10. In Friends, when Monica found out that her brother, Ross, was her first kiss...and only because Ross thought she was actually a drunk, passed-out Rachel.

Ross and Monica in their apartment

"Ross and Monica were grossly close throughout the series. Like, they were each other's first kiss??? They also made sexual comments to and about each other. That whole relationship weirded me out and crossed the line so many times. It's soooooo cringey!!!!!!!!"


11. Also in Friends, when Ross was super attracted to his literal cousin and tried to make out with her.

Ross trying to kiss his cousin on the couch

"The show really took things too far with this."


12. In Dexter, when they ruined Deb's entire character by getting rid of her morals, making her addicted to pills, and then having her become sexually attracted to her adoptive brother.

Deb confessing her feelings for Dexter outside his house

"I will NEVER forgive the writers of Dexter for what they did to their core cast in the final season. They flat-out disrespected Deb. They made her progressively emotionally and mentally unstable, and she ended up doing things for Dexter that she never would have done. To see a character that started out as such a strong, smart badass get reduced to a puddle of nonsense is a crime against television. Never have I seen such great material to pull from get botched so badly." —Bauxjangles

"When Deb started to have repressed sexual desires for her adoptive was just so unnecessary. She GREW UP with him. They were treated as siblings. I stopped watching the show because of this plot. It was gross and a total 180 from how I saw their relationship in the early seasons." —cocopa

13. In Buffy the Vampire Slayer, when Spike wrestled Buffy to the ground and sexually assaulted her in the bathroom.

Spike wrestling Buffy to the ground next to the bathtub
The WB

"Spike was always a 'bad boy,' but it was obvious that he cared about Buffy and loved her (even if it bordered on obsession sometimes, he was a soulless vampire, and it was supposed to be intense and dramatic). I always thought these two had WAY more chemistry than she and Angel ever did, and I rooted for them so hard, but then the rape plot happened. It was so uncomfortable and extreme."


14. In Scrubs, when Turk secretly slipped birth control into Carla's mouth while she slept.

Turk in bed with Carla

Suggested by kthomas8836

Turk and Carla were already trying to conceive. Later on, Turk revealed to J.D. that he wasn't sure if he was ready to have a baby. Instead of opening up to Carla about his hesitations, he decided to secretly slip birth control into her mouth while she was sleeping.

15. In New Girl, when Jess and Robby developed feelings and even started dating, but then they realized they're actually cousins.

Jess and Robbie in a cave

"I legit almost stopped watching the show when this happened."


16. In Game of Thrones, when Margaery seduced Tommen — a literal child — and then they got married and the show immediately cut to the two of them having sex.

Margaery seducing Tommen in his bed

"There are a lot of moments to cringe at in Game of Thrones, and Margaery seducing a literal child before they get married is definitely one of them."


17. And in Glee, literally every single time Mr. Schue did anything.

Mr. Schue dancing sexily to 'Toxic'

"When he did an inappropriate performance of 'Toxic' for a bunch of high schoolers, when he had sex in the school bathroom (his place of WORK), when he blackmailed Finn into joining the glee club by planting drugs in his locker, when he told his students they were all minorities simply because they were in the glee club — the list goes on and on! Take your pick! His whole character crossed the line several times."

Sarah Wainschel

Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.