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17 People Who Said The Wrong Thing At The Wrong Time

"At a high school reunion I told a classmate who's now in a wheelchair that he has the best seat in the house."

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We recently featured some of the most awkward, cringeworthy moments to ever happen. Here are some more that will give you secondhand embarrassment.


1. This unfortunate convenience store occurrence:

One time the cashier was having a hard time trying to open one of the plastic bags. She made a groan, and I meant to say, "Ugh, yeah, those bags can be tricky sometimes," but I had a brain fart and all that came out was, "This is bag."

–Megan Fifield-Meehan, Facebook

2. The embarrassed server:

My best friend is a server. When setting down a dish in front of a customer who happened to have prosthetic arms (which was obvious), she exclaimed, "Watch your hands! That plate is really hot!" So much secondhand embarrassment.



3. The enthusiastic goodbye:

I was at a memorial service, and the son of the deceased thanked me for coming. I enthusiastically replied, "Any time!"

–Kerry Spinks Kevill, Facebook

4. The unexpected salon request:

When my mother first moved to the United States, she went into a hair salon and asked for a blow job.


5. The drive-thru confusion:

My mom and I were at a McDonald's drive-thru. The cashier asked if we'd like anything else, and my mom's brain put "that will be it" and "that'll do" together, so she ended up responding, with gusto, "THAT'LL BE DO!"

–Lindsay Ann Adamson, Facebook


6. The awkward reunion:

I was at a high school reunion, talking to a classmate who's now in a wheelchair due to a car accident. I told him he had the best seat in the house. I'm an idiot.


7. The bumbling condolences:

I was at funeral where the grandparents had died within a day of each other. I was giving my condolences and saw two people sitting, looking very sad. I went up to them and actually said, "Why so down?" What the heck is wrong with me?


8. The perfume mishap:

I was buying a perfume for my birthday. I kept going back and forth between two or three perfume.s One of them was named "Oh Lola," but I thought the salesclerk was mistaken, so I kept saying "Ooh Lala." So the whole time I was there I kept referring to the perfume as "Ooh Lala." I didn't realize the real name was "Oh Lola" until I got home and opened the box.


Happy Madison Productions

9. The secondhand embarrassment:

I work in a pharmacy and was explaining exactly how to use a particular medication to a blind patient. I felt quite good about it until I closed with "See you later!" Criiiiiinge.


10. The funeral mistake:

I was 15 and went to my first funeral. I saw the widow walking toward me, bawling her eyes out. She looked at me with a forced smile, trying to be friendly. I said, "What's up? How are you doing?" She kept walking.


11. The Salem witch trial:

On Halloween, one of my co-workers came to work dressed as a witch. I jokingly said, "Build a bonfire!" I was thinking of Monty Python and the Holy Grail when I said it, but it turned out my co-worker is actually Wiccan.

–Tracy Sanders, Facebook


12. The sneeze attack:

I was in class a few weeks ago and someone sneezed, so I said, "Good morning." It was 2 p.m., and I was the only person who said anything. I put my earbuds in and pretended like nothing happened.


13. The McFlurry disaster:

I went to McDonald's for an M&M's McFlurry. I said, "Hi, I'll have a chocolate chip McFlurry." The cashier responded, "Uh, we don't have chocolate chip." I was staring at the M&M's in confusion and said, "OK, I'll have a chocolate chip McFlurry." They repeated, "Ma'am, we don't have chocolate chip. Did you mean M&M?" I never went to that McDonald's again.


14. The accidental double entendre:

During a layover at the Denver airport, I was trying to find a toy for my son. The male associate walked up and asked if I needed assistance. Me: "No thanks, I'm just checking out your squishy balls."

–Jennifer White Deaton, Facebook


15. The deadly pun:

My sister and I were at a funeral and we ran into an old friend who asked us how we were doing. My sister automatically said, "Well, we're not dead!" I've never laughed so hard at a funeral before.


16. The woody joke:

I was standing in Lowe's, looking at wood, when I reached over and smacked my husband on the arm and jokingly said, "That's some nice wood, huh?" Turned out my husband was standing about 10 feet away, and a STRANGER who was wearing a similarly colored jacket was standing next to me with his mouth wide open.

–Nicci Martin, Facebook

17. And the Freudian slip:

I tried to order a "large Coke" and a "large pop" at the same time and ended up saying "I'd like a large cock."

–Madi Worthington, Facebook