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27 Hilarious, Random, And Bizarre Things People Actually Believed About Movies When They Were Younger

"Toy Story had me convinced that all my toys came to life whenever I wasn't looking."

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the weird and funny things they believed about movies as kids. Here are the hilariously innocent results.

1. "I was obsessed with The Parent Trap, and one time I asked my mom if she thought Lindsay Lohan’s twin sister was mad that Lindsay got so famous and she didn’t. That was when my mom told me it was all fake."

2. "I thought that whenever you watched a movie, the actors were performing live. I felt bad about watching a movie more than once because I thought I was overworking the actors."

3. "When people died in movies, I thought they died in real life. I remember watching a war movie and being impressed by the dedication of the actors who were dying."

4. "Nic Cage had me fooled with the National Treasure movies. My teachers would play them during class, so I thought they legit happened and were based on true stories."

5. "When I saw The Princess Diaries I was so impressed with how well Mia’s makeover went, because I assumed Anne Hathaway was naturally the 'before' picture and the filmmakers just got lucky that she cleaned up well."

6. "Because of Toy Story, I used to think that my dolls, stuffed animals, and toys could move whenever I wasn't looking."

7. "When I was way younger, The Santa Clause made me believe that if Santa fell off your roof, your dad would then become Santa Claus. I used to wait up every Christmas Eve to see if Santa would fall off our roof."

8. "I used to think that people could hang out with cartoons in real life, like they did in Space Jam and Mary Poppins."

9. "When I first watched Tangled I actually thought that if you cut your hair it would turn a different color. I was convinced that my brown hair would turn black."

10. "When movies had flashbacks to when a character was a kid, I thought they filmed everything when the actor was actually that age and then had to wait until they got older to finish filming."

11. "When I first saw this scene in Wall-E, I drew the logical conclusion that overweight people had fewer bones."

12. "When I was little I thought that if two people got married in a movie, they immediately became married in real life."

13. "I thought animated characters had to be modeled after the people who voiced them."

14. "When I was a kid, I didn’t understand that historical people where portrayed by actors in a movie. I remember watching Annie and thinking, 'This is an old movie, that’s totally the real Eleanor Roosevelt.'"

15. "As a kid I confused Mount Richmore from Richie Rich with the actual Mount Rushmore. When my parents told me otherwise, I was still certain that the presidents on Mount Rushmore were carved by lasers."

16. "When the first Toy Story movie came out, I thought it was live-action. My little developing brain didn't know how to classify the hyper-realistic animation, so I thought Andy was a real-life kid."

17. "I used to think movies had to be made in the decade they took place in, so My Girl and Dazed and Confused had to be filmed in the '70s."

18. "For the longest time, I thought the actress who played Selena’s killer in the movie Selena was the one who killed her in real life, so I hated that actress for so long and wondered why she wasn’t in prison."

19. "I always thought that every movie was shot in one single take, and then they went in and edited everything after the fact."

20. "When I was a kid I thought that when actors kissed each other they had to have plastic wrap on their lips so their lips didn’t actually touch and it'd be sanitary."

21. "I used to think the bears in The Country Bears were real, and I was completely shocked when I realized that talking/musical bears weren't a thing."

22. "Because of The Santa Clause, I actually thought Tim Allen was the real Santa, and Home Improvement was just his side job or something."

23. "I was convinced that when you paused the movie, the actors and actresses had to freeze. I watched really closely to try and catch one moving!"

24. When Titanic came out, someone told me that Rose wasn't actually naked for the drawing scene, but was instead wearing some type of body suit. That obviously didn't make sense, but I believed it anyway."

25. "I used to think that whenever I put a movie into the VCR, it somehow signaled the actors to get ready and perform the movie live."

26. "My grandmother told me once that they got Babe, the pig from Babe, to talk by giving him gum. I was five at the time and legit thought that meant I could make any animal talk, just by giving them gum."

27. And "I watched The Wizard of Oz when I was really little and thought Kansas was actually in black and white, like in real life. It wasn’t until second grade when I learned the truth after my teacher showed us a map of Kansas."

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