The 31 Most Sinfully Sexy Nuns In Movie History

Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.

31. Lilia Skala in Lilies of the Field

Hulton Archive / Getty Images

That white bib is sexy as hell, sister.

30. Geraldine McEwan in The Magdalene Sisters

Magna Pacific / Via

McEwan? More like McYouWin the title of most delicious frown lines. DAYUM.

29. Anne Bancroft in Agnes of God

Columbia Pictures / Via


28. Maggie Smith in Sister Act

Touchstone Pictures / Via

Those broad shoulders are proof that there is a god.

27. Ingrid Bergman in The Bells of St. Mary’s

Ralph Crane / Getty Images

Are we in Hell? Cause it’s getting hot in here.

26. Whoopi Goldberg in Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit

Touchstone Pictures / Via

She sings, she teaches, and she totally rocks those shaded sunglasses.

25. Celeste Holm in Come to the Stable

20th Century Fox / Via

10/10 would pray with.

24. Meryl Streep in Doubt

Miramax Pictures / Via

No need for that knitted blanket, Meryl. You’re already hot.

23. Rosalind Russell in The Trouble with Angels

Archive Photos / Getty Images

That smile makes me wish she’d ride something other than that bike.

22. Glenda Jackson in Nasty Habits

Bowden Productions / Via

Those high heels and that veil = HOT.

21. Susan Sarandon in Dead Man Walking

Archive Photos / Getty Images

She’s workin’ that curly hair. Can I get an amen?

20. Helen Reddy in Airport 1975

Universal Pictures / Via

Are you sitting on the edge of your pew yet? CAUSE WE’VE MADE IT TO THE TOP 20.

19. Deborah Kerr in Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison

Archive Photos / Getty Images

What’s sexier than a crafty nun? Nothing.

18. Jodie Foster in The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys

Egg Pictures / Via

Those soft, teary eyes make me want to cuddle with her in the back of the convent. =/

17. Vanessa Redgrave in The Devils

Warner Bros / Via

Let’s put that cage to good use, sister.

16. Meg Tilly in Agnes of God

Hulton Archive / Getty Images


15. Jennifer Jones in The Song of Bernadette

John Florea / Getty Images

She’s too good for that man, and she knows it. I like a nun who knows what she wants.

14. Lindsay Lohan in Machete

Overnight Films / Via

Lindsay Lohan? More like I’m YoMan.

13. Frankie Thorn in Bad Lieutenant

Lions Gate Films / Via

Look at the way she’d holding those prayer beads. You can tell she’d be a gentle lover.

12. Debbie Reynolds in The Singing Nun

GAB Archive / Getty Images

She’s got the voice of an angel. Hallelujah.

11. Mary Tyler Moore in Change of Habit

GAB Archive / Getty Images

I want Moore of that sexy smolder.

10. Shirley MacLaine in Two Mules for Sister Sara

Universal Pictures / Via


9. Cécile De France in Soeur Sourire

Paradis Films / Via

Big glasses = big heart.

8. Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music

Robert Wise Productions / Via

Do re mi fa so la do me.

7. Amy Adams in Doubt

Miramax Pictures / Via

Innocence is sexy. And so is that bow.

6. Silvia Pinal in Viridiana

Films Sans Frontières / Via

Those. Legs.

5. Anna Karina in The Nun

Denise de Casabianca / Via

Those eyebrows. I can’t.

4. Sophia Loren in Bianco, Rosso E…

Columbia Films / Via

He is risen. And I’m not talking about Jesus.

3. Raquel Welch in Bluebeard

Gloria Film / Via

Her, um, necklace looks really nice here.

2. Audrey Hepburn in The Nun’s Story

Mondadori / Getty Images

A nun in her pajamas. That is all.

1. Leslie Nielsen in Spy Hard

Buena Vista Pictures / Via

I’ve died and gone to heaven.

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