Ten ’90s Commercials You May Have Forgotten About

And yet you know every single word to them.

1. Mentos: Fresh Paint Suit

“The Freshmaker!”

2. Doublemint Gum

I spy Tia and Tamera Mowry.

3. Sears: Air Conditioner


4. The Joy of Cola

“You go, girl”

5. Budweiser


6. Blockbuster

“If you want great take-out without the calories, make it a Blockbuster night”

7. Calvin Klein

“My mother still thinks I’m a virgin”

8. Nickelodeon Magazine

“Nickelodeon Magainze, please!”

9. Got Milk?

“Mr. Miller told me he never drinks milk.”

10. Miss Cleo

Before all the lawsuits, of course.

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