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Posted on Oct 5, 2015

Tell Us About A Time You Really Fucked Up

We've all been there. Trust me.

Real talk: everyone makes mistakes.

But some mistakes are bigger than others.

@jon_bois Paid off a man for hitting his car, told my mom I lost my wallet, accidentally got him arrested for theft when he cashed my check

Maybe your little white lie turned into a major news story.

Or perhaps your royal fuck-up ended up costing someone a LOT of money.

@jon_bois 16 year old me drank most of a $10,000 bottle of scotch that was my friend's dad's retirement gift. She didn't speak to me again

Or maybe you just... ugh.

@jon_bois enlarging a pond with a machine. I got sleepy. took a nap in the machine. The cold water woke me up.

We've all been there, so tell us about your biggest fuck-up via the DropBox below!

Access Hollywood / Fox

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