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21 Hilarious Times Steve Harvey Lost Faith In Humanity On "Family Feud"

Survey says: #Bye.

1. When Steve damn near lost his balance on this one.

2. When this answer just wasn't good enough.

3. When things got really personal, REALLY quickly.

4. When prostitution and murder were the answers.

5. Just... no.

6. That time "porcupine" was spelled "porkcupine."

7. When "baloney pony" was an acceptable name for "penis."

8. Actually, most of these involve penises.

9. When the world became a little more PG-13.

10. When this pastor's wife revealed her secrets.

11. When "José" was spelled with an "H."

12. And the time this guy was a little too blunt for his own good.

13. "Nipples" is actually a pretty common answer, believe it or not.

14. And even when Steve's mustache started to frown.

15. "Her poop."

16. And when he called out to the devil.

17. Because everyone wears condoms all the time in private.

18. The struggle is real.

19. When Steve was surprised at the number of men who admitted to wearing bras.

20. #RIP Steve Harvey.

21. We'll miss you, buddy.

Editor's Note In light of some of the comments below, I would like to point out that Steve Harvey is not dead. The "#RIP" was not meant to be taken literally. He is merely dead inside because of these insane answers on Family Feud. Long live Steve Harvey.