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    26 Reasons You Should Probably Just Stay Inside Forever


    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to show us pictures of their absolute worst sunburns ever. Here are the jaw-dropping results.

    Luckily these people can laugh about it now, but sunburns are no joke! If anything, let this be a lesson that you should always wear sunscreen!

    1. This completely unfiltered picture:

    2. This Neapolitan ice cream:

    3. This inflated head:

    4. This tanning mishap:

    5. These multi-colored armpits:

    6. This peeling face:

    7. These cringeworthy legs:

    8. This Golden Gate Bridge:

    9. This tattoo coverup:

    10. This layered mistake:

    11. This unlucky mark:

    12. This glistening back:

    13. This utter disaster:

    14. This red tomato:

    15. This unhappy camper:

    16. This new shade of red:

    17. This long pull:

    18. These unfavorable feet:

    19. This disappointed couple:

    20. This compelling color:

    21. This skin-tight bracelet:

    22. This work of art:

    23. This scarlet face:

    24. This sad exposure:

    25. This hairy burn:

    26. And this "happy" stencil:

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