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    23 Signs You're Donna From "Parks And Recreation"

    You Retta believe it.

    1. You know how to keep things classy.

    2. Your clothes say a lot about your personality.

    3. You make the best of every situation.

    4. Your social media game is on point.

    5. And you have zero tolerance for haters.

    6. Dating is a dirty word to you.

    7. You don't wait on people, people wait on you.

    8. You're picky when it comes to food and drinks.

    9. ...But not when it comes to alcohol.

    10. ...Or breakfast cereal, apparently.

    11. No job is beneath you.

    12. When you're right, you're right (even when you're wrong).

    13. You have a sophisticated taste in literature.

    14. ...As well as in modern literary heroes.

    15. You're overprotective of your fandoms.

    16. And might be a little too materialistic.

    17. You like your alone time.

    18. You tout your friends' achievements.

    19. ...As well as your own.

    20. If you want something, you reach out and grab it.

    21. And you're proud of who you are.

    22. Even though you're probably too open about it.

    23. But above all, you know you deserve the best in life.