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Show Us Your Weight Loss Journey

What worked for you?

The year is almost over, and one of the most common New Year's resolutions is to live a healthier lifestyle. However, the hardest part about any fitness journey is getting started.


And since everyone's experience is different, we want to know what worked for you.


Maybe the first step you took to becoming healthier was to hide your scale and full-length mirrors.

BuzzFeed / Penny N.

"I hid my scale and my full-body mirror for the first month. This helped me focus more on what my body was telling me and how it felt, instead of on a number or how I looked."

—Penny N., BuzzFeed (lost 80 pounds in four years)

Perhaps you wanted to start off small and tried working out in 20-minute increments twice a week, just to get your body used to everything.

BuzzFeed / Asha Hussein

"At the beginning of my journey, I walked on the treadmill for 20 minutes and slowly started increasing the time. After four months I was comfortable enough to use other machines, like the elliptical and the Stairmaster."

—Asha Hussein, 30 (lost 70 pounds in about 14 months)

Maybe you decided to make some healthier choices throughout the day, like cutting down on alcohol or sodas and taking the stairs every chance you got.

BuzzFeed / Michelle M.

"The very, very first thing I did was just start walking everywhere. I had to start small. I could barely go up a flight of stairs or even walk a block without getting breathless, but I knew it had to be done. I stopped taking the bus, I stopped driving, I stopped taking cabs. I walked. I was 400 pounds and could barely do that without getting sore feet or tired or out of breath, but eventually it helped me build up to more."

—Michelle M., 30 (lost 200 pounds in about two years)

Or maybe you started meal-prepping all of your dinners, or you enlisted the help of a friend and started your fitness journeys at the same time.

BuzzFeed / Rogelio Orozco

"I stopped eating pizza and fast food every week and started cooking for myself. I realized I had been eating fast food so much because it was always available and cheap. I was lazy and didn't really know how to cook. But it was super empowering when I started cooking my own meals, because it turned out I was actually good at it."

—Rogelio Orozco, 26 (lost 60 pounds in a year)

Everyone's journey is different, so we want to know what worked for you. Use the DropBox below to share your tips, tricks, or anything else that helped you start your fitness journey and hit your goals.

BuzzFeed / Maatra Henderson

"I dedicated myself to being committed to 90 days of eating right, drinking a lot of water, and exercising. I also found ways to incorporate physical activities into my life: dance classes, joining a volleyball league, etc. The first 30 days were extremely hard and frustrating, but after about 45 days, it all sort of became second nature. My body adjusted to waking up early, my tastebuds adjusted to eating less salt and sugar, and I had fewer cravings for the unhealthy things I used to enjoy. Following the 90 days, my new routine wasn't hard to keep up with at all. It turned into my new normal."

—Maatra Henderson (lost 40 pounds over a year)

Feel free to tell us about your experience too (how much weight you've lost, when you started, etc.). Bonus points if you include your incredible progress pictures!

The best responses will be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video!