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23 Shocking And Unexpected Truths You Learn In College

Growing up is scary. Images courtesy of Yik Yak.

1. There is nothing more comfortable than your own bed after 14 consecutive hours in the library.

2. When it comes to food, finding a balance between nutritious and convenient is difficult (and convenience usually wins).

3. It’s almost impossible to master school, a personal life, and relationships. Pick two.

4. Most of your nights will be spent wondering if a 2 a.m. slice of pizza will bring your bank account to zero.

5. Those stupid things that used to bother you? Yeah, they don’t matter anymore.

6. And remember when you thought you knew everything? Correction: you know nothing.

7. There is no greater feeling than finishing a paper after an all-nighter, even though you spent half the night on Facebook.

8. Never trust a professor when they say “don’t worry, this chapter won’t be on the test.” Lies. It will be on the test.

10. At times, you’re so overwhelmed with paying bills and being an adult that you wish you were a kid again.

11. That means you find yourself doing crazy things just to maintain a semi-natural lifestyle.

12. Nothing makes you second-guess yourself more than a multiple-choice test.

13. In fact, your whole life feels like a multiple-choice test, and you pray for a major curve.

14. The only thing you’re certain about in life is that group projects were designed by the devil.

15. Sometimes you’re so overwhelmed that you need a place to hide. That place is the bathroom, and you take full advantage of this me-time.

16. Things don’t always work out the way you want them to. Make sure you maintain a sense of humor.

18. If you want a relationship with someone, you have to work for it.

19. In fact, you spend every Saturday night trying to do as little as possible, and you spend every Sunday night in the library, regretting that decision.

20. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When life gives you limes, drink tequila.

21. Your amount of self-control and motivation directly correlate with how close you are to the end of the semester.

22. There is nothing scarier than realizing that you're a full-fledged adult.

23. And most importantly, you will have 57 things to do at one time, and you will ignore every single one of them.

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