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17 Shocking Cruise Ship Secrets I Learned After Going On Six Cruises

FYI: Most cruise ships have a morgue on board.

Hey, everyone! I'm Spencer, and I've been on quite a few cruises in my lifetime. I've seen a lot of cool things on board these floating cities – some you'd probably never expect.

I just got back from a cruise through the Eastern Caribbean, so I thought I'd share some unexpected, cool things about cruise ships that I learned. Think of this as your own secret ~behind-the-scenes~ look into being on board.

1. First of all, most cruise ships have a morgue on board.

2. They also have jails, too, just in case.

3. The ship's kitchen (or "galley") is absolutely massive. They serve upward of 30,000 meals each day. That's about 100 tons of food in a seven-day period.

4. The food on cruise ships is actually incredible. Each night basically feels like a five-star dining experience.

5. The best part is that it's okay to order more than one thing on the menu. One night I ordered (and ate) three entrées during one dinner session. I have no regrets.

6. Cruise ships can sort of set their own laws when they're not docked, meaning the legal age to drink and gamble on board is usually 18, not 21.

7. But that doesn't mean the casino is open 24/7. Occasionally the slot machines will be open while docked, but table games don't open until ships are a few miles from land.

8. While all your meals are free, the alcohol isn't. You can buy an all-inclusive drink package for about $50 a day to satisfy your vacation needs.

9. When you return to your room at night, there will most likely be a towel animal waiting for you. It's weird but kind of cool.

10. Cruise bathrooms are... pretty small. Here I am standing in one (I'm a little taller than 5'11", for reference).

11. There are ~fancy~ nights on cruises where guests are encouraged to dress up, so you should definitely pack accordingly. Weirdly enough, this isn't broadcast super well on some sites.

12. Even though you're on a boat, you'll never feel "stuck" on a ship. Cruises are literally floating cities, and they have everything from bumper cars, to Broadway shows, to shopping malls.

13. They also have random, free contests on board with some pretty wild and expensive prizes, so they're sort of like mini carnivals.

14. Most cruises have pretty luxurious gyms and spas on board, but look out for the spa: cruise ships know they can charge whatever they want (since it's literally the only one available), so the spas are verrrrrrry expensive!

15. FYI: Booking a cruise is like buying a car. You can negotiate the price and even get special offers and perks for your trip.

16. Cruise ships will reward you with the best night's sleep you've gotten in years. I think this is due to the subtle swaying of the ship from the ocean. It feels like you're a baby again, being rocked to sleep in a crib.

17. And one of the coolest things is that the floor tiles in the middle of the elevators change every morning to tell you which day of the week it is, just in case you forget (you are on vacation, after all)!