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19 Real-Life Family Secrets That Are So Juicy, They Should Be Turned Into Movies

"After he died, we found out her dad had a secret family because they were mentioned in his obituary."

Throughout the years, we've asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their true (and truly wild) family secrets. Here are the jaw-dropping results.

1. "When we were little, my sibling and I were never allowed to tell anyone our names unless our parents approved or answered the phone/front door first. We later learned that it was because our grandfather was a kidnapper and a hit man, and they didn't know if he was trying to find us..."

Random woman who's covering her mouth in shock

2. "After my grandma died, my aunt found her diary, and WOW. Basically, before my grandparents dated, my grandpa was dating another woman. My grandma decided that she wanted my grandpa for herself, and in a Mafia-style warning, she lured his girlfriend into some bushes, and then my grandma and her friends beat the crap out of her..."

Betty White's character sitting in jail in "Hot in Cleveland"

3. "My mom’s uncle faked his own drowning and left to start a new life. His wife and son found out years later."

Randall Park looking shocked

4. "My stepmother let it slip that my aunt and uncle were swingers for a long time. They ended up quitting after a guy dropped dead on top of my aunt in a motel during a nooner."

Karen from "Mean Girls" with her jaw dropped

5. "My grandparents kidnapped my aunt from her front yard in the '30s. She was 3 at the time, her biological mom was a teenager, and her biological dad was in jail and a member of a minority group, so a fight to find my aunt never happened, according to my grandma..."

Steve Harvey looking shocked

6. "My grandma was sleeping with her husband’s nephew (he was 20, and she was 32 at the time). My mom is a product of that relationship. My grandma didn’t tell her until she was 36 years old."

Ilana Glazer being shocked

7. "My ex-boyfriend and I had a newborn and were living with my parents. One night, my dad confessed to me that his wife was sleeping with my boyfriend. He said it'd been happening for a while, and he just didn’t know how to tell me. This wasn’t even the first time she tried to mess around with one of my boyfriends. She also kissed my fiancé."

Kris Jenner looking shocked

8. "One of my uncles had a baby with a woman. After they broke up, my other uncle got that same woman pregnant. We don’t speak to them because of it, and I’ve never known them, but I technically have cousins who are also half-siblings. What the fuck."

Raj from "The Big Bang Theory" being shocked

9. "My grandfather has 22 siblings: 11 were from his father and mother, and the other 11 were from his father and his brother's girlfriend."

Rose from "The Golden Girls" being shocked

10. "My partner's mom, who was one of five, found out after her dad died that he had an entire secret family with five other kids. I guess he took off one day from his first family, met and married her mother, and started a whole new family. It wasn't until both families were mentioned in his obituaries that either family found out about the other."

Selena Gomez looking shocked

11. "After my uncle died, we discovered he had a second wife whom he spent most of his time with. Literally no one on either side knew this for over 25 years. He also purchased the same prefab house, same furniture, and same everything for each of his wives so their houses mirrored each other (and probably helped him to keep his story straight)."

Cam from "Modern Family" being disgusted

12. "I thought my stepfather had been awarded custody of my half brother and me in 1990. I found out in 2015 that he actually kidnapped us..."

April from "Parks and Rec" being shocked

13. "My nana's first husband went off to fight in World War II and never came back, so he was assumed dead. My nana was left with my aunt, but she ultimately moved on, remarried, and had more kids. Years later, her first husband came back. He wasn't dead. He had run away with a French woman he met during the war..."

Miss Jay looking shocked

14. "When my great-uncle died in the '90s, my family went through his stuff before selling the house. They found the dead, decomposed body of a woman in the basement freezer..."

Britta from "Community" with her jaw dropped

15. "My aunt mysteriously disappeared before I was born. Her car was found, still running, parked off the side of the road. Her purse was still inside. No one knows what happened to her. They didn’t even fill out a missing person report..."

Andy Samberg with his jaw dropped

16. "My mom revealed that our Dutch ancestors hid a Jewish family in their attic and forged food stamps during World War II. If caught, they would have been killed, so it stayed a secret for a long time. No one in my family knew what happened to the Jewish family after the war. I hope they survived."

Michael Scott tearing up

17. "My grandma was kidnapped when she was 12. She was ultimately returned two days later, but everyone pretended like nothing had happened, including her own mother. Everyone refused to talk about it, even to this day. It's so sketchy."

Lady Gaga looking shocked in "A Star Is Born"

18. "My great-grandmother was married to my great-grandpa, who was an identical twin. She secretly started sleeping with his twin and got pregnant. To this day, no one knows who the real father is..."

Rihanna looking shocked/intrigued

19. And this: "My great-great-grandma was married to a man she hated. They had a hired hand on their farm, and one day she made a casual comment about how much she hated her husband and wished he was dead. The next day, the husband was murdered, and the helper on the farm was nowhere to be found..."

Nicole Scherzinger looking skeptical

Do you have an even wilder family story/secret? Tell us about it in the comments below!

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.