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    17 Secrets Nurses Will Never Tell You But Really Want You To Know

    Trust me.

    We asked the nurses of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the most infuriating misconceptions people have about their jobs. Here are the eye-opening results.

    1. First of all, nurses are not the doctor's assistant or secretary. They don't work for the doctor, they work with the doctor.

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    "I work for the hospital, and I work with doctors (along with other RNs, respiratory therapists, pharmacists, techs, radiology, etc.). We are a team. I couldn't do my job without them, and they certainly couldn't do their job without me."


    2. That means nurses don't take doctors' orders. In fact, nurses know their patients so well that they often correct doctors from making seriously fatal mistakes.


    "A lot of the time, nurses are the ones correcting orders or telling the doctors what needs to be done. We are constantly advocating for patients behind the scenes."


    3. In fact, their job is much more than just taking a patient's blood pressure, getting them blankets, and wiping their butt.

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    "I'm an RN and had a patient tell me, 'Your job isn't stressful. All you do is take my blood pressure. I drive a truck – now that's stressful.' Well, sir, I'm currently assessing eight things about you while taking your blood pressure, I just came from four other patients' rooms, my other patient is palliative and might die today, but, please, go on and tell me that I don't know about stress."


    4. It's also pretty insulting to suggest that nurses have it easy, just because most of them work three days a week.


    "The other four days a week are spent recovering, sleeping, rehydrating, and attempting to rejoin society."


    5. FYI: They work in hectic 12-hour shifts without any time for food or bathroom breaks.


    "People often tell me that working three days a week sounds so easy! Um, excuse you?! Try holding your bladder for the entirety of those three 12-hour shifts, boo!"


    6. So when you call them for help and they don't arrive immediately, that's not because they're grabbing coffee or taking their sweet time. They're busy saving lives.


    "Chances are, when I get the call on my two-way to go to their room, I'm steps away from the toilet assisting a fresh hip replacement to walk or slinging up a bolus on a hypotensive patient. So when it takes me 15 minutes to get to you, please don't say 'that took long enough!' I promise, we get to you as quickly as we absolutely can."


    7. And just because you always have access to them, that doesn't mean nurses are there to be your servant. Their job is to keep you alive.


    "Some patients think my job is to answer their every beck and call. No, fool. I'm here to keep you alive, and if I feel like that last dose of pain medicine will make you not breathe well, I'm not giving it to you."


    8. Being a nurse is not something you fall back on because you "weren't smart enough" or didn't get into the right medical program at school.


    "I find that it's most frustrating when people assume that I'm in nursing because I didn't get into a medical science undergraduate program because I wasn't smart enough.


    9. And, no, nurses do not go into their profession because they know it will be a guaranteed job. They do it because they love it.


    "A lot of people think I only became a nurse because I'd be guaranteed a job, but that's so wrong. I became a nurse because I was passionate about it and knew I'd enjoy it for the rest of my life."


    10. And while we're on the subject, getting a nursing license isn't easy! There's a lot of training and education that go into it, so it's not just something you can randomly apply for.


    "I actually had a doctor ask me once if a nursing license is something anyone can apply for. He had no idea that nurses had to take board exams and become licensed to practice. Really?!"


    11. Oh, and just so you know, nurses are almost never portrayed accurately on TV and in movies.


    "I watched Grey's Anatomy on several occasions, but most of what those doctors were doing was what I do as a nurse every day. No surgical resident has the time to sit in a patient's room and wait until they poop out a Scrabble tile."


    12. That means they don't wear sexy lab coats or fancy lingerie. Nurses strive to be as comfortable as possible because they're always on their feet.


    "So many TV shows and movies show nurses in sexy lab coats or uncomfortable shoes. What sane nurse is gonna wear stilettos during their 12-hour shift?!"


    13. And while we're debunking popular myths, let's clarify something: There are a lot of male nurses in the world, but not all male nurses are gay.


    "As a male nurse, patients and relatives often assume that I am gay. This doesn't bother me in the least. The fact that people apologize when I tell them I am not gay bothers me, as if I would be mortally offended by the assumption! I am more concerned about your systolic blood pressure, believe me."


    14. And being a male nurse does not make them "any less of a man."

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    "My husband is a nurse (and a great one at that!), but whenever someone finds out his profession, they say, 'Oh, he's a MALE nurse,' like it's something that makes him less of a man. To me, the fact that he's willing to go against the normal gender stereotypes and kick ass while doing it makes him one of the best men I know!"


    15. Also, there's no need to be modest in front of your nurse. They've literally seen it all, and they just want to help.


    "There is absolutely no need to show modesty in front of us. We have individually seen more penises than an adult film star."


    16. That's because nurses genuinely care about their patients and never stop thinking about them, even when they're not at work.


    "Even though we may not show it to patients, we worry about them when we aren't at work. We sometimes cry in the supply closet when your loved one is not doing well and may not survive, and we constantly think about you."


    17. And most importantly, nurses are actually doing 20 different jobs in one, and a lot of their work often goes unnoticed.

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    "We're part-doctor, part-social worker, respiratory therapist, pharmacist, phlebotomist, physiotherapist, receptionist, X-ray technician, transporter, house keeper, and full-time care giver. We are the eyes and ears of doctors and are educated enough to know when something needs to be assessed or changed. We keep people alive and provide comfort during death. We are doing soooo much more than bed baths and blood pressure checks!"


    So here's to you, nurses. Thank you for everything.


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