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    27 Secret Gross Things Men Have Done That'll Actually Make You Gag

    "One guy in my class would always pick his ears and then EAT the earwax."

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the grossest thing they've ever seen a man do. Here are the wild, weird, and questionable results.

    1. "My husband used to poop in the shower. Like, he'd literally squat over the drain and spread his cheeks and shit."


    "Thankfully I've convinced him to stop, but he still pees outside (we have a privacy fence, so people can't see in). He says that if the dogs can pee in the yard, he should be able to as well."


    2. "My husband had a wart on the bottom of his foot. He used to shave it down with a knife and chew on the pieces he cut off."


    "I told him if he didn’t stop and get the wart removed, I’d have to divorce him."


    3. "When I was in bootcamp there was this guy who would pick at his pimples and EAT the pus and stuff that'd get on his finger."


    "Probably the nastiest thing I’ve ever witnessed. It was bad. And he would do it around everyone with no shame."


    4. "I knew someone who never wiped after going to the bathroom. He sat behind me in class, and for a whole semester I had to smell his shit."


    5. "When we were younger, my brother used to smell and taste the dirt/gunk that came out from his toenails every time he cut them."

    6. "I was cleaning the other day and found a large pile of nail clippings between our couch and the wall. Apparently my husband has been collecting his disgustingly long toe nail clippings."

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    "He was mad when I asked him to clean them up!"


    7. "My husband wipes his boogers on his Xbox controller until the pile becomes so big that it either falls off by itself or I notice and badger him until he cleans it off."

    8. "When my boyfriend’s mustache gets too long, he holds down his lip and 'trims' the hairs with his teeth. Then he EATS THE HAIRS. It makes me gag every time."

    9. "My ex and I were at a bar with friends. The waitress turned a corner too fast, and some of the chicken strips slid off the plate and onto the floor. My ex picked them up off the bar floor and ate them. Disgusting."

    10. "I just started seeing someone, and we were eating at his house. He pulled out a container of whipped cream from the fridge, and the sides of it were clearly green with mold. He then wiped his finger around the container and licked the moldy whipped cream off his finger. I broke up with him the next day."


    11. "I once knew a guy who'd smoke cigarettes (which, to be honest, is gross enough), and then he'd eat the butt of the cigarettes???????"


    12. "If my boyfriend pulls a stray hair out of his beard, he'll sometimes stick it on the tip of his tongue and kiss me so he can sneak it in my mouth. It's the grossest thing anyone has ever done to me."


    13. "My ex-boyfriend's favorite meal was a concoction of SpaghettiOs, canned tuna, and milk. He even ate it for breakfast."

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    14. "For some reason my husband refuses to flush the toilet when he's done pooping. It's not that he forgets... he just loves not doing it."


    15. "My husband is a wonderful man, and I love him dearly, but he only brushes his teeth when he showers... and he only showers twice a week."

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    16. "An ex of mine thought it was hilarious to bare-ass fart whenever he could. He'd pull down his pants, spread his cheeks, and fart, spraying golden poo particles everywhere."


    "He is now known as Golden Spackle."


    17. "My friend admitted to me that when he’s alone, he farts and then turns around to smell it to make sure he can fart in public without anyone noticing the sound or smell."


    18. "It was freshman initiation for the swim team in college, and this one guy performed a poem that ended with him drinking his own urine. He literally drank his own pee!"


    "He did win Freshman King though."


    19. "I caught my very tall ex-boyfriend peeing in the kitchen sink while it was full of dishes. Twice."


    20. "I was complaining to my brother about this one long hair that was growing out of his nipple, so he yanked it out and ate it."

    21. "I went on a weeklong trip with my boyfriend. We got new toothbrushes to take with us, but when we got home I noticed that his toothbrush was still in its package. He didn't brush his teeth for seven freaking days (and who knows how long before that)! That relationship did not last."


    22. "I was with a friend at Disney World, and inside the theater someone left their half-eaten bag of cheddar popcorn on the floor. For some reason this guy decided to eat someone else's day-old cheddar popcorn???"


    "He even licked his crusty, cheddar-y fingers when he finished. I couldn't (and I still cannot) believe it."


    23. "My boyfriend doesn't like tissues for some reason, so he blows snot chunks into the sink instead. Sometimes he doesn't completely clean up after, and dried boogers wave at me while I brush my teeth."


    24. "I once saw one of my male cousins empty his nose and sinuses into his shirt, and then he proceeded to lick his shirt clean. It made me gag."

    25. "There's this one guy at my school who is OBSESSED with licking his hands to clean them. One day we were doing a lab that involved planting flowers, so our hands were covered with dirt and manure, and he just proceeded to lick it off!"

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    26. "Every day for an entire semester, I had to sit behind this guy who would pick his ears and then EAT the earwax."


    27. And "My cat ended up getting fleas from someone's dog. I told my boyfriend that I was frustrated and didn't want the cat to get worms. He asked why, so I told him that when cats eat their fleas they can develop worms. I assumed it was common knowledge, but this fool looked me DEAD IN THE EYES and said: 'Oh, god. I think I have worms.' For some reason he had picked a flea off the cat and ate it???"

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