33 Scratch-And-Sniff Stickers That Should Actually Exist

Life has never smelled so good.

1. New books

It’s basically like freshly printed paper, but multiplied by 200 (or more!).

2. Old books


Must, water damage, and crumbling bindings only add character.

3. Puppies

20th Century Fox / Via dailyedge.ie

Whether it’s their soft heads or Frito-y paws, puppies are what happiness smells like.

4. Play-Doh

Smells so good you’ll want to eat it. (Note to the curious: It’s super salty.)

5. New car

Mmm, factory-fresh chemicals. Unless you have a Jetta, which smells like crayons.

6. Cinnabon

In the words of Louis CK: “It’s a sticky hot bun, and it comes with a little tub of jizzy hot syrup.”

7. Freshly cut grass

This guy knows. Bonus if it’s mixed with the tingly scent of diesel in your nostrils.

8. Gasoline

AMC / Via yestotally.com

Speaking of fumes, can we get “gas station” as a room spray?

9. Rubber cement

The CW / Via dailyedge.ie

Not to be huffed, obviously, but merely residually enjoyed when creating Tyra Mail.

10. Kettle corn

A sweeter take on what is usually just a vehicle for salt and butter.

11. Margaritas

Citytv / Via runeatrepeat.com

Only on the way down, not the way up.

12. Thanksgiving dinner

NBC / Via seattlish.com

Would you like a side of family dysfunction with your turkey, potatoes, gravy, and cranberries?

13. Campfire

The smell seeps into your clothes and hair so much that you can relive the toasty memories from the night before.

14. S’mores

Best smelled next to the aforementioned crackling campfire.

15. Sex and candy

Capitol / Via spacecadet.tumblr.com

Sounds sticky.

16. Permanent marker

What he said.

17. Whoppers

Feast your eyes…and nose.

18. Leather

Ever walked into a cowboy-boots store? It’s where dreams come true.

19. Money

Disney / Via cosmopolitan.com

Smells like payday.

20. Matchsticks

For maximum enjoyment, light outside of a stinky bathroom.

21. Thunderstorms

Pavement has never smelled better.

22. Bleach

Few things give off as satisfying an aroma as sterility.

23. Olive Garden breadsticks

Olive Garden / Via youtube.com

No one cares about you, salad. It’s the buttery yeast we’re after.

24. Cigars

NBC / Via gifrific.com

Plus, they make you look badass.

25. Baby

DreamWorks / Via neuroticah.tumblr.com

Eau de adorable with a hint of Johnson & Johnson, anyone?

26. Mom’s homemade cooking


Sorry, all significant others: Mom’s cooking will always trump your culinary attempts.

27. Funnel cake

Memories of ferris wheels and sticky fingers.

28. Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland

The only time the odor of swashbucklers will make you nostalgic.

29. Ponies

They’re half the size of regular horses, so that means they smell twice as good, right?

30. My Little Ponies

Sweet and powdery, just like childhood.

31. Tennis-ball can

Sports and compressed air are what dreams are made of, y’all.

32. Christmas presents

The Program Exchange / Via giphy.com

It’ll be tough to bottle the scent of wrapping paper and the promise that is Christmas morning, but it can be done.

33. And Beyoncé

What does Beyoncé smell like, you ask? Three dozen of the rarest white roses, picked fresh from a bush growing beside a calm stream where a baby deer bathes every night at dusk.

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