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    17 Sassiest Moments From '90s TV Butlers

    Don't expect them to clean your mess with a smile.

    1. That time Geoffrey referred to Uncle Phil's weight as the 8th Wonder of the Natural World.

    2. That time Niles admitted his true feelings for C.C.

    3. That time Geoffrey contemplated his life's work.

    4. That time Niles believed in witchcraft.

    5. That time Geoffrey realized he needed a raise.

    6. That time Niles told C.C. to lose weight.

    7. That time Geoffrey planned a personal vacation.

    8. That time Niles told it like it was.

    9. That time Geoffrey was the king of wordplay.

    10. That time Niles feared for his job.

    11. That time Geoffrey knew he wouldn't get fired.

    12. That time Niles and C.C. became best friends.

    13. That time Geoffrey made another glorious joke about Uncle Phil's weight.

    14. That time Niles rejoiced in mankind's salvation.

    15. That time Geoffrey was jealous of Uncle Phil's amazing track suit.

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    16. That time Niles called C.C. a vampire.

    17. And that time Geoffrey questioned why Aunt Vivian looked different but quickly dismissed it to make another joke about Uncle Phil.

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