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    23 Frightening Tinder Messages That Prove Romance Is Dead

    #BanAllMen. Some NSFW language.

    The BuzzFeed Community recently asked its Twitter followers to share the weirdest Tinder messages they've ever received. Here are the hilarious and creepy responses.

    Want to be in a BuzzFeed post? Tweet us the weirdest Tinder message you've ever gotten!

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    Want to be in a BuzzFeed post? Tweet us the weirdest Tinder message you've ever gotten!

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    1. When this hungry fellow wanted a dinner date.

    2. When we learned a new term for the word "penis."

    Twitter: @_LisSis

    Submitted by _LisSis.

    3. This man who doesn't beat around the bush.

    4. When we learned that honesty isn't always the best policy.

    5. When this guy needed some last-minute help.

    6. The first time you actually teared up from poetry.

    7. When this creepy message ended as politely as possible.

    8. That time someone was engaged, married, and divorced to, all in one message.

    9. This cautionary guy who wants the best for his children.

    10. This religious fellow.

    11. The mathematician.

    12. When this English major used an interesting simile.

    13. That time we all needed a moment of silence.

    14. When Tyler wanted some dinner.

    15. That time someone got SUPER descriptive.

    16. This conversation that proved second chances don't always work out.

    17. When this person was offered a job.

    18. When this woman's response SLAYED.

    19. When persistence failed.

    20. When autocorrect ruined the mood.

    21. When Clayton proved he was a Clydesdale.

    22. Thomas.

    23. And this conversation, which escalated way too quickly.

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