23 Hilarious "Parks And Rec" Moments That'll Make You Cry With Laughter

    "Punk-ass book jockeys!"

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their favorite Parks and Rec moments. Here are the hilarious results.

    1. When Ann and Leslie scared Jerry, resulting in his fart attack.

    2. When everyone kept slipping on the ice because the red carpet wasn't long enough, and ♫ "Get on Your Feet" ♫ was playing.

    3. When Leslie owed $40 in late fees on a book about female orgasms and she ran out of the library and knocked over a book cart.

    4. When Joan Callamezzo was so hungover that she passed out and Ron had to host Pawnee Today.

    5. When the guys got food poisoning...

    6. ...and Ben could only use his nose to call Tom.

    7. Literally any time Ron criticized the government.

    8. When everyone got drunk off of Snake Juice and they acted perfectly.

    9. When Tom fooled Leslie by making up all the vegetable names in her garden.

    10. When Leslie got super competitive during model U.N.

    11. When everyone got screened by the doctor, and we found out some personal info about Jerry.

    12. When Andy, aka Burt Macklin, was investigating who threw the pie that hit Ben, and he gave everyone code names.

    13. All. Of. This.

    14. When Ron kept taking vegan bacon-strip samples at the health food store just to throw them all in the garbage.

    15. When Donna started crying because someone shot her Benz while on the hunting trip.

    16. Basically every single interaction between Tom and Jerry.

    17. When Andy typed Leslie's symptoms into a medical website.

    18. When Jean Ralphio was simultaneously the best and worst person.

    19. When Andy failed his eye test...after driving himself there.

    20. When Ron demanded ~all~ the eggs and bacon the restaurant had.

    21. When Jerry fell into the river to get his burrito, broke his arm, and then lied to everyone and said he was mugged.

    22. When Chris had the flu and couldn't contain his bodily fluids.

    23. And, of course, when Ron pretended to pull out his tooth, just so everyone knew he could withstand a tremendous amount of pain.

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