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Updated on Sep 21, 2019. Posted on Sep 14, 2019

26 Really Inappropriate "Friends" Moments That Don't Hold Up In 2019

Remember when Ross kissed an unconscious woman at a party, and it ended up being his sister?

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which moments from Friends are actually really problematic and inappropriate. Here are the jaw-dropping results.

1. When Ross tried to kiss his cousin, and his excuse was that he "hadn't had sex in a very long time."


2. When Monica literally had sex with a high school student.

3. When Ross was mad that Ben played with a doll, so he spent the entire day trying to make him play with "manly" toys.

4. When everyone made gay and sexist jokes because of Joey's bag.

5. When Monica's parents (especially her mom) constantly berated and shamed her about her job, looks, and especially her weight.

6. When Ross pretended to be a licensed masseur because he thought Phoebe's client was a hot girl.

7. When everyone glossed over the fact that Frank Jr. and Alice had a 26-year age difference, and she was his actual schoolteacher.

8. When Ross dated one of his students, and everyone joked about it like it was no big deal.



9. When Monica dated Richard, her dad's friend, and he literally watched her grow up as a child.

10. When Rachel tried to meddle in Ross's relationship by convincing Bonnie to shave her head.

11. ...And then Bonnie actually did it, and Ross broke up with her because she was bald.

12. When Ross pretended to get an annulment so he could secretly stay married to Rachel.


13. When Joey helped Mr. Treeger learn how to dance, so Monica called him gay.

14. When Monica got cornrows in Barbados, and Chandler was disgusted by them.


15. When Ross freaked out about hiring Sandy, a male nanny, and even questioned his sexuality.


16. When Rachel hurt her rib and needed Ross's help getting dressed, and he made super creepy comments about picturing her naked whenever he wanted to.

17. When eeeeeeeveryone made gay jokes about Chandler.


18. When the show implied that Monica was a "lonely loser" because of her weight.


19. When Phoebe made a sexist comment about Ben.


20. When Joey's overall attitude towards women was super degrading and objectifying.


21. When Ross kissed a woman who was passed out in his bed because he thought it was Rachel, and it ended up being his sister, Monica.

22. When everyone bullied Chandler's dad just because he was a drag queen.


23. When Ross and Will, aka the co-founders of the I Hate Rachel Club, started a rumor that Rachel was a hermaphrodite.


24. When Chandler pretended to be Bob on the phone so he could have sex with Jade.


25. When Ross broke a little girl's leg and ultimately brought her (alone) to Joey and Chandler's apartment.

26. And, of course, when Rachel gave up her new life and dream job so she could stay in New York with Ross.


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