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    27 Pinterest Cooking Fails That Will Make You Feel Better About Yourself

    These people tried. They really tried.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to show us their absolute worst Pinterest cooking fails. Here are the hilarious results.

    1. These leaky cookies: /

    "I tried to make these chocolate chip cookies filled with Funfetti frosting, and clearly Pinterest was a freaking lie…"


    2. This spirit-less Christmas tree: /

    “I had hoped a few colored ball bearings would save my Christmas tree cupcakes. Alas, it just made them look even sadder.”


    3. These wannabe Oreo churros: / Ellie Cheesman

    "My friend and I attempted to make Oreo churros. They ended up looking like cat poop rolled in sand."

    —Ellie Cheesman, Facebook

    4. This frowning My Little Pony cake: /

    "I think it’s safe to say that I'll just buy my daughter’s next birthday cake.”


    5. These solidified vodka gummy bears:

    6. This giant, burnt pancake: /

    "We tried making those giant, fluffy pancakes that we kept seeing on Pinterest with a rice cooker. The edges became *slightly* burnt…"


    7. These Christmas cookies gone wrong: / Julie Ann

    —Julie Ann, Facebook

    8. These slimy Jell-O worms:,

    "My mom tried making those Jell-O worms you see on Pinterest. It... didn't go as planned."


    9. This Halloween hot dog mummy: / Haili Friedrich

    "Here's my Halloween Pinterest fail."

    —Haili Friedrich, Facebook

    10. This deflated cake: /

    "I’m usually good at baking, but this time my cake just gave up AFTER I frosted it."


    11. These possessed deviled egg chicks:,

    "My mom tried to make deviled egg chicks for Easter, as depicted in the first picture, but they turned out very wrong."


    12. These sad rainbow cupcakes: /

    "This was when I tried to make rainbow cupcakes and accidentally used powdered sugar instead of flour. Six cups of sugar + zero cups of flour = a four-hour cleanup."


    13. These "squirrel" cookies: /

    "This is from the time my mom insisted I make squirrels out of expired cut-and-bake Pillsbury dough."


    14. This simple vanilla cake: /

    "I tried to make this cake from a recipe I had never done before. It was the worst thing I ever made. The frosting was also too thick, so I couldn't spread it on the crumbled cake. I cried after I frosted it, but now when I see the cake I can't help but laugh."


    15. These spooky olive pizza spiders: / Haili Friedrich

    "I spent waaaay too much time arranging those darn spiders."

    —Haili Friedrich, Facebook

    16. These burnt cookie bowls: /

    "Once I tried to make those Pinterest-famous cookie bowls for ice cream. Something went terribly wrong. My friends still make fun of me for this! The worst part was that I actually went to school for baking and pastry for a year."


    17. This crumbling TARDIS cake: /

    "My sister and I had been watching Cake Boss and decided we could handle making a TARDIS cake for the Doctor Who anniversary. It started melting almost instantly."


    18. These perfect chocolate chip cookies: /

    "We forgot to add flour to our cookies. We had everything sifted and ready to go, but we forgot to combine the dry ingredients and the wet ingredients! Don't ask me how, considering both my friend and I bake quite frequently and we were following a recipe that we had successfully made before."


    19. Literally just a frozen pizza??? / Rachel Veronesi and Nick Beatty

    "A lovely pizza made by my boyfriend."

    —Rachel Veronesi and Nick Beatty, Facebook

    20. These bathing pigs: /

    “I had to write ‘pigs’ on it because it was not clear that these were pigs.”


    21. This sugary mess:,

    “It takes talent to make a Pinterest-inspired cupcake turn out like what was made on the right. It was actually still raw, even after accidentally cooking it for 10 extra minutes, although it did explode everywhere.”


    22. These mummy brownies: /

    "They were supposed to be brownies that looked like mummies, but I don't even know what I ended up with."


    23. These rainbow heart fails: /

    “My girlfriend and I tried to make rainbow heart cookies. Oops.”


    24. This burnt blondie:

    25. These deformed unicorns: /

    "My son had a unicorn-themed birthday party. Victory was ours!"


    26. This cry for help:

    27. And this person who literally just wanted tea: /

    "I tried to make tea and ended up burning the pot."