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What Food Can You Buy In Your Country For $1?

A whole bottle of wine for $1 in Hungary? Yes, please!

Food is truly one of the best things in the world.

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So that got me thinking: what foods can you buy in ~your~ country for just one American dollar?

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In some parts of Hungary, you can buy a WHOLE BOTTLE OF WINE for just a buck!

Maybe your go-to is a unique Dollar Menu staple from a fast-food restaurant, like churros from McDonald's in South Korea.

Can you buy a whole dozen eggs for $1 in your country? You can if you live in Malaysia.

Or maybe there's a food cart in your city that provides a huuuuuuge meal for just one dollar, like this filling dish from Indonesia.

For one dollar, you can get a full meal of chicken porridge, bakso (meatballs), and nasi uduk or mie ayam (chicken noodles) from a food cart in Indonesia!

Perhaps you went on vacation in Uruguay and discovered that $1 could get you a liter-bag of milk.

And in case you were wondering, one American dollar can also buy you one baguette in France, seven medium-sized potatoes in Sweden, and two whole meals at a roadside eatery in India.

One dollar can go a long way! Use the DropBox below to tell us what foods you can buy in your country for one American dollar! Make sure you tell us what country and city you're from, too!

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AriZona Iced Tea is a staple in the US, and you guessed it: they cost exactly one dollar!

The best responses will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post or video!