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    18 Horrifying Things People Have Found In Their Fast Food

    Soooo many spiders.

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the most horrifying thing they've ever found in their fast food. Here are the grotesque results.


    1. Submitted by Trisha C. Mokosh (Facebook)

    "I found a spider in my sandwich, and it was still moving. That was about 35 years ago. Have never gone back."

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    2. Submitted by Emilyk33

    "I'll never forget it: I found a half-smoked Marlboro cigarette in my fries."

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    3. Submitted by Pakinui Berryman (Facebook)

    "Found a ginger pube in my garden salad."


    4. Submitted by Morgan Bredde (Facebook)

    "My brother found a lung in his food. Brought it to school for extra credit."


    5. Submitted by Kate Fischer (Facebook)

    "When I was 10 I bit into my burger and crunched down on something hard and then spat it out into my hand. It was a bolt – like, of nuts and bolts. I can still remember the look on the manager's face when we showed her. They gave me free ice cream for a year."


    6. Submitted by Joanna Briggs (Facebook)

    "I found shards of glass in my salad."

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    7. Submitted by Carla Takako Capers (Facebook)

    "There was a tooth in my fries."


    8. Submitted by Ashley Breiland (Facebook)

    "I didn't quite finish a salad that I had ordered, so I took the leftovers home. My boyfriend started to eat it and stopped all the sudden and pulled a chunk of a razor out of his mouth. We took it back to the place, and they were good enough to admit that a piece of the chopper they use for lettuce broke off and matched the piece that he had bit in to. Thankfully he chewed carefully that day."


    9. Submitted by Marion Chase (Facebook)

    "I was once served a roast beef sandwich with a live worm inside."


    10. Submitted by victoriaf404ce7f44

    "I was eating out once, and we brought the food home - I was only about 6, and it was when they had newly introduced their popcorn chicken. I bit right into a staple – a big one that, like, holds carpeting in place. I am now a vegetarian."


    11. Submitted by Madison Elaine Hurtado (Facebook)

    "One time I found a fake nail in my fettuccine Alfredo pasta."


    12. Submitted by Roni Johnson (Facebook)

    "The last time my husband and I went for fast food, there was a pube sticking straight up out of my mashed potatoes. It was like it had been placed there, as opposed to it just maybe falling in somehow."


    13. Submitted by Christy Casper (Facebook)

    "About 15 years ago at a fast food place in Michigan, my grandma's sausage biscuit came with a wad of hair, as if someone emptied their hairbrush onto the food."


    14. Submitted by Abriana Marie Thompson (Facebook)

    "A lady I know once found rubber gloves in her burger."


    15. Submitted by pieclops

    "When I was 7 I went to a fast food place with my grandma, minding my own business, not asking for any trouble. I ordered my chicken nuggets, bit in, and BAM, there was a TOOTH inside my freaking nugget! No one deserves that kind of agony and emotional scarring at such a tender, young age! I never ate a chicken nugget again."

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    16. Submitted by Mariah Masell (Facebook)

    "I found a wood chip in my taco once. That was pretty gross."


    17. Submitted by DeAnna Hall (Facebook)

    "When I was a little child, my family and I went to out for fast food. Something told me to open my burger before eating it, and when I did I found a wad of chewed up gum right smack in the middle of it."


    18. Submitted by Julie Lynch (Facebook)

    "My husband once bought a pie from a milk bar in Melbourne, and when he bit into it he saw that it was full of maggots."


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