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Here's Miley's Reaction To Nicki Calling Her Out Onstage At The VMAs

"Back to this bitch, that had a lot to say about me the other day in the press." —Nicki to Miley

Nicki Minaj just called out Miley Cyrus onstage during her acceptance speech at the MTV Video Music Awards.


Backstory to the celebrity feud can be found here.

~Miley, what's good?~


Miley tried to play it cool...


And a lotttttt of people thought it was staged.

Y'all so dumbbbb. That nicki/Miley stuff had to have been staged. 😂😂😂

Nicki didn't really freak out on Miley you dumbasses. It was staged. Did you NOT see nicki fighting a smile.

But this was Miley's real reaction.

Here's the full video, with sound.



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